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I Want My Two Weeks!

Today marks the start of the two week countdown until Smithee 16 at Origins. Two weeks? TWO WEEKS??!? Well at least this year I have the giveaway puppets already done so I suppose I'm ahead of the game no? Speaking of puppets, those of you who attended the A2 show already know who's showing up as the SLM puppet but what you may not know is that I've finally designed a button to accompany said puppet. Observant Smitheeites will have noticed that the SLM button has, so far, matched the SLM sock puppet giveaway and this year is no exception. So come find a Smith-ka-teer at the con for your absolutely free Smithee button cuz we'll have handfuls to give away.

We will probably be pressing buttons at the con again this year as we had a pretty good time doing that last year. Look for us in the breezeway on Thursday (July 5th) at a table which we have appropriated (until someone kicks us out) and come by for a fresh, hot off the press button and some out of the box Promotions Ninja harassment. Also, I'm thinking of picking up some colored pencils for the b&w SLM buttons we're printing soas y'all who show up can color your own SLM button. Smithee arts and crafts, how fun!


Ooooh, I wish I could be there!!

By any chance, is the title of this post any relation to the "I want my two dollars!!!!!" kid from Better Off Dead. I threw out that snappy to line to someone about my age (mid-30s) to other day and the dude had no clue. How sad for him.

Heh...it seems that my title cleverness is no match for your innate clever-fu!
Do we have any magnet backs this year? I've got a bunch of stuff I need to stick to the metal radiator in my office at work and mroe Smithee magnets would be just the ticket.
Absolutely I do. We got yelled at last year for magneting so this year I figure we just need to be cleverer with the distribution.

Does the Smithee-awards answering the smithee-awards seem as schizo to anyone else as it does to me right now?