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Wirefu Ninja

Its Been One Week Since You Looked At Me

OoooooooOOOoooooo! And also *squeee*! One week left on the countdown ticker until we take Columbus by storm.

But first! Some admin Announcement type stuff: Apparently, in keeping with the Origins tradition, our room has been changed. We're now (for the moment at least) scheduled to be in the Hyatt Regency Ballroom. Huzzah? Huzzah! We'll post signs most likely.

Which reminds me: Signs. Gotta add that to the list of prep things what need to get done. Tonight we finish stuffing all the MegaMeta ballot packs (the Smithee 16 packs are already done and boxed), the buttons are printed but I need to press a good double handful so we have stock to give out, and the giveaways are mostly done (one of them still wants a finishing coat of Smitheeness) but need to be packed up. I think we're pretty good as far as background prepwork. Hopefully.

We also have blank SLM button pics and a raft of colored "sharpies" so it looks like the color and press your own Smithee button is a mostly sure thing. We'll also have cut out button pics of finished SLM, ninja, quote, and can buttons so if you aren't artistically inclined, you can still get a fresh hot button. Look for us sometime Thursday (probably afternoonish/eveningish) in the breezeway deelie. Last year we up and stole a table, we're not above doing it again this year. RARH!