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Ninja Grass

Ballroom Blitzed

Arrgh! We are doing so many shiny! new Smithee things that we totally forgot to do an old Smithee thing, and that was let y'all know where it is that we're actually holding the show. Apparently the con info is keeping it a super secret so if you don't know the mystical club ritual handshake (i.e. hunting up a Smithkateer and asking where the heck we're going to be) you might have missed us. That makes us very sad, so here is the super secret room location for those of you want to attend tonight:

Hyatt Regency Ballroom - Third floor

Look for the cybercafe or bar (whatever your preference) just inside the convention center entrance by the parking garage dellie and go up.


Have a great show!!
And I hope it's like lightning, everybody is frightening
And the music is soothing, and they all started grooving!

(Yes, I know how to google the lyrics to Ballroom Blitz, ranked as the Onion as one of the gayest** songs ever)

**not that there's anything wrong with that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!