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anonymous maq

Movie notes - Winners Take All

Yes, I know.. Less than a week since the big show and we're already watching bad movies For the Future. Why? Are we gluttons for punishment? Are we insane?

Well? Are we?

And while we're asking imponderable questions, what could be more exciting than a movie about Supercross? That king of all eXtreem Motocross racing sports...

Well, just about anything, actually.

The movie features eXtreem 80's hairstyles, lots of people driving motocross bikes off of big piles of dirt, and a very young Peter DeLuise getting it on with a pair of blonde motocross groupie twins.

Fortunately for our sanity, there is no "Let's Up the Rating to 'R'" nomination from that scene.

In fact, there is only one clip worthy of inclusion - a very nice Best One Liner scene where an experienced motocross wife advises the young female motocross coach that she "[shouldn't] be afraid to show your tender feelings too."

The movie does feature a lot of actual Motocross bikers, all demonstrating the fine fine acting ability associated with their sport. And it does have some educational value - The Promotions Ninja was surprised to discover that Pontiac, MI is a big stop on the Supercross circuit.


So ... it sounds like whoever the Winner is that Took All ... it wasn't the audience.
Just a reminder:

Six String Samurai

I don't think it has anything but a one-liner nomination (and possibly premise, but I have no idea how to edit that one...) but it's a good watch regardless!
I really liked Six-String Samurai, although the main character's tendency to growl/whisper his lines really got under my skin. If he just spoke them like a normal human being, I think it would have elevated the movie.
I like Six-String Samurai too. Nice Shoes might be a good one liner to nominate. And yeah, the premise is pretty shakey. Great Soundtrack too.

If you like that, try Radioactive Dreams - real B movie fun.
Radioactive Dreams looks like loads of fun! I will give it a try. Just as soon as I find one of them spare moment thingies people are always talking about.
I hated Six-String Samurai, but not in a Smithee kind of way. More of a this movie's just ended and I've already forgotten it kind of way.
I probably shouldn't admit this, but I was super hot for Peter DeLuise in 21 Jump Street, circa 1987-88 (cut me some slack though--I was 15 going on 16). I remember there was an episode where his character (Penhall) had to go undercover in a juvie jail and he freaked out because he was claustrophobic and couldn't handle it in the little cell they put him in. Johnny Depp had to take over undercover duties, IIRC.

Man, I loved that show. I wonder if Peter is bitter about Johnny's box office success.
Fortunately for our sanity, there is no "Let's Up the Rating to 'R'" nomination from that scene.

Ummm...I'd take one for the team and watch that. :) I was always more of a Peter DeLuise fan than a Depp fan anyway. Also (for Patti!) I think Peter DeLuise is doing a lot of behind the scenes work (directing, at least for Stargate SG-1) so although he's not a front man success story, he seems pretty competent in a director type role.
Cool--my dude has a career! I always liked him better than Depp, too. But, I liked Depp more than Richard Greico (Booker). I read somewhere that Booker was supposed to be killed on 21JS but he was so popular that they gave him a spinoff. Why this information is lodged in my head is something I can't answer.

So, to recap I like DeLuise > Depp > Greico

oh! should you for some reason decide that you actually want to see this movie, the Hollywood Video on Stadium between Liberty & Jackson (in A2) has it on DVD in their "Adventure" section