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Only Just Slightly Nuttier Than Usual

Hola Smithee peeps, your Friendly Neighborhood Promotions Ninja here. Just stopping by to say "Hi" to all our new friends (HI!) and also "Hi" to our old friends (HI!) since the smithee_awards doesn't just drop our old friends like moldy hot potatoes once you sign up. For you newcomers, if it seems like the Smithee LJ is a bit schitzo at times that could be because it is. The core Smithee members all have posting access and are not afraid to use it. Sometimes we even remember to use associated icons with our posts which should clue you in as to who is posting. Then again sometimes we don't because we have a lot of icons and are sad when they languish, unused and forgotten in a dusty corner of cyberspace.

Your new admin treat for today, usable by both new AND old members, is: Tags! We got 'em. Now you can browse the Live Journal by category (errr...not Those categories) for all your tasty Smithee news and things. Huzzah!

Anyway, we're mostly recovered from doing two shows at Origins this year and I gotta say...two shows is a hella lot of work. Fortunately, we only get stomped with the two show workout every five years so it's all good in between. However, it got me to thinking. Eventually, we'll have five MegaMeta shows and will produce our first MegaMegaMetaMeta show. Then there will be five MegaMegaMetaMeta winners and we'll have to put on a...ahhh...SuperMegaMegaMetaMeta. After 5 SMMM we'll have a...GigaSuperMegaMegaMetaMeta followed by a MegaGigaSuperMegaMegaMetaMeta and then what I've been calling "InsaneSmithees" because it has a model (is that the right word? Period? Well a length of cyclical time. Whatever that is called) of 15,631 give or take. All this to figure out when we would have to run three shows at a con. I actually created an Excel file that goes through to the first InsaneSmithees just to figure this out. So! Mark your calendars for the year 17,622 when we'll be putting on Smithee 15,631, MegaMeta3126 and InsaneSmithees1.

Of course, if you don't want to wait that long, we'll be running six consecutive two year shows starting 5117AD and running through 5122AD. Hope to see you there!


Cool. It's on my calendar. :)

Glad to hear that Origins went well!!!
Posting it to my calendar now!

You shall see my head-in-a-jar there!
But.. *counts on fingers* I'll be by dead then...

What secrets are you trying to keep from me??!!
I might have to skip one of those shows. I don't think I'll be able to take 15 hours of bad movies in one weekend.