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sultan of statistics

Random Smithee trivia of the day:

We've now had three MegaMeta Smithee Awards. In each of those ceremonies, 16 movies have won one Smithee each, and 1 has won three, including Worst Picture. Any non-staff person out there who knows what they are without looking it up (not that we can tell if you do)?


Um...the one with the dudes and the priests in the desert, spanking (that sounds about as bad as it was), the one with Anna Nicole Smith, I presume Zombie Lake...man, I'm off my game today! Oh! Did the one with the huge dong win anything at Meta?
I think I'm safe to say that the one with the huge dong went up against the one with the dudes and the priests in the desert, spanking.

In fact, we got one vote for the one with the bandits and the priests in the desert which had the subtitle "please god, don't let it win!"

Those would be El Topo, Skyscraper, and Soul Vengeance, respectively (but not respectfully). That would be no, no, and no. In fact, Zombie Lake got spanked like a priest in the desert in MegaMeta 3, going 0 for 4 and winning the Syngenor Award (that's a quasi-official award that we give after the show to the film that tanked the worst, named after it's first recipient).

On a positive note, Soul Vengeance also failed to win anything, so we will never, ever have to see it again (unless one of the editors is feeling sadistic and puts it into a trailer, music video, or title animation).
...now I'll never be able to think of the cane coming in from offscreen and yanking the tapdancer offstage by the throat in the same way again....

Really? All three MegaMetas have had one movie that has taken three categories and the others only one? Wow. I'm "staff" and I have no idea. I'm going to go cheat though and look it up. Muahahahahahahaha!

I also want to know if any of the categories are similar.
Yeah. Pretty weird, huh?

No, the only category of overlap is Worst Picture. Otherwise, each of the three films won a different pair of other awards.
You beat me to that one.

Of course, since this is only my second Smithee and first Mega Meta, that's the only one I know of....
HA! That one I was pretty sure of. When I went and totally cheated and looked them up I had an inkling what movie might be the MegaMeta2 3 clip winner and I was right about that hunch. I totally had to headsmack when I found out which movie took three clips in MM1. Of COURSE it did. OF COURSE!
Yes, you should have. While very of our fans go that far back, staff at least ought to be sick of me raving about the MM1 Worst Picture winner (my all-time favorite Smithee movie, as I never tire of telling anyone who doesn't run away fast enough) by now.

And, yes, as you all know for sure, since I'm sure everybody's looked it up by now -- Rollerblade is indeed the most recent triple MegaMeta award winner.
The second mega-meta was the first I ever attended, and my brain has been warped ever since. I had to look it up to remember, but I certainly couldn't have named it without.