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Do Not Want (Old Can)

Voice Post: Voodoo Academy Babbling

477K 2:26
“P.Ninja: OK Folks. Hey Smitheeites! Ah...this is the Smithee Crew on Alessar's 40th birthday. Say Happy Birthday Everybody.

Everyone: Happy Birthday.

Alessar: Thank you.

P.Ninja: and he chose some films for us to watch and I can't remember what we just-
off phone: Voodoo Academy

P.Ninja: Voodoo Academy. Starring some guy who, and some other guy and a third guy and they all looked a like.

Alessar: The guy from Charmed.

P.Ninja: Oh and the guy from Charmed. I think he was our like main hero. Was he our main hero?

off phone: No.

P.Ninja: He was not the main hero. He may have gotten eaten. Let's see. The director used a lot of red and blue-

off phone: in the same shot.

P.Ninja: in the same shot and lightning came from down below. Obviously Ball lightning. And let me see. ahhh...[laugh] I'll let The Guru carry on.

The Guru: There were an awful lot of guys in designer underwear and not much else writhing around in bed and rubbing themselves. That's pretty much the plot of the movie right there, People rubbing themselves and eventually having their heads transforwarded- transported onto goofy looking voodoo dummies. The heads on top of their bodies.

P.Ninja: And here's the birthday boy.

Alessar: And the point needs to be made this movie selection was specifically revenge for having to watch not one but two Anna Nicole Smith movies as part of the Smithee screening process-

off phone: You got robbed.

Alessar: I got robbed [laughs]. So it was time to try and come up with a Let's Up the Rating to 'R' clip that did not involve boobies [laugh].

P.Ninja: and it did not. You want to say something? OK. And here's out lovely ballot persons. All of them.

Ballot Bimbo: Ballot Persons. I feel multiple. All I really wanted to say was that I truly feel that when people begin giving head to their crucifixes, you've crossed some sort of line that I never particularly cared to see crossed. And I don't care if it was Ralph Lauren or Hilfiger um..but it wasn't tighty witeys as much as boxer briefs. No...you know...there are not enough sculpted pecs in the entire world to make up for it

P.Ninja: OK. Onto more booz and our next movie. See ya later. Bye.”

Transcribed by: smithee_awards