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anonymous kph

random Smithee trivia answer

It's been over a week, hopefully the Sultan won't feel that I've stepped on his toes by answering the trivia question which was, if you recall, which MegaMeta winners won more than one category in their relevant MegaMeta?

The answer is that each Worst Picture winner also took two other categories, with no overlap other than Worst Picture.

MegaMeta 1 was Star Crash, winner of Deus Ex Machina, Worst Editing (later Whoops!), and Worst Picture from Year One.

MegaMeta 2 was Rana, Queen of the Amazon, winner of Stupidest-Looking Monster, Worst Acting, and Worst Picture from Year Nine.

MegaMeta 3 was Roller Blade, winner of Most Ludicrous Premise, Worst Special Effect, and Worst Picture from Year Fourteen.

MegaMeta 4 will be -- but that would be telling....

I can think of many other potential trivia questions, but a lot of them are ... frankly ... kinda boring.