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one year

Often we are asked how many movies we have to watch in order to put on The Smithee Awards. This is very difficult to answer, as sometimes movies will be backburnered for a year or two (Catman in Lethal Track), jumped ahead in the queue (Rock 'n Roll Cops 2: The Adventure Begins), or sometimes take over a decade to track down after initial viewing (Legend of the Dinosaurs).

Instead, the question I will answer is How many Smithee-intended movies have we watched in the past year?

Bear in mind that no one of us has seen all of these movies, this is an aggregate from Matt + Kevin since July 29, 2006 (I picked the date because I know that we watched Good Against Evil and Satan's School For Girls on that day - and it's nearly been a year).

I was going to be all responsible and link these, but then I remembered that I am a lazy Chupacabra, and y'all can use imdb as well as I can. Possibly even better.

Last NB: This list does not include two abandoned movies.

Good Against Evil
Satan's School For Girls
Metallica (aka Captive Planet)
The Corpse Grinders
Somewhere, Tomorrow
Max Hell, Frog Warrior (aka The Toad Warrior)
Rock 'n Roll Cops 2: The Adventure Begins
Ninja Kill
Cabin Fever
Legend of the Dinosaurs
Teenage Caveman (2002)
Curse of the Komodo
Scarecrow Gone Wild
Black Devil Doll From Hell
Flash Fire
Boot Hill
Night of the Demon
Swamp Women
The Screaming Skull
The Beast that Killed Women
Hercules and the Princess of Troy
Robo Vampire
Knight Riders
The Final Goal
Project: Kill
Superargo Against Diabolicus
Dark Descent
The Monster of Camp Sunshine
Hercules in New York
Evil Come Evil Go
The Perils of Gwendoline in the Land of the Yik Yak
Zontar: the Thing from Venus
Curse of the Swamp Creature
The Killer Shrews
I Bury The Living!
Battle Queen 2020
Sword of the Valiant
Dixie Dynamite
Evil Remains
Message From Space
Humanoids from the Deep (remake)
Humanoids from the Deep (original)
White Slaves of Chinatown
Western Palace
Wizards of the Demon Sword
Attack of the Giant Leeches
(1/2 of Deadly Weapons - to be finished with non-defective DVD)
Piñata: Survival Island
The Divine Enforcer
Winners Take All
Voodoo Academy

Can we watch it? YES, WE CAN! Should we?

For "we" values of The Ann Arbor Smithee Contingent (none of whom actually live in Ann Arbor any longer). If you add Greg + Bryan into the mix, the list gets bigger, squamous, possibly even noctilucent. But probably not.


Although probably not as much bigger as you might think, as there are several different schools of thought in Smithee movie watching.

One "rule" that's been pretty consistant ever since Smithee 1 is that it takes about 40 movies to make a good Smithee Awards Ceremony. With four nominators, that equates to about 10 nominated movies each.

Matt and Kevin like to watch lots of movies, many of which, for various reasons, end up not making the cut. They'll each watch on the order of 30 (actually, probably slightly more as they watch some together) to get their 10.

For my part, I prefer to do a lot of my weeding out at the movie selection stage. I'll spend 30 - 45 minutes prowling around the video store to come away with 2 or 3 movies. Most of what I watch ends up with a nominated clip or two. I'll generally watch 12 to 15 to get my 10 (the years I watch 12 tend to be the years my movies don't win mutch...). So adding me only bumps the total on that list up to 75 or so.
Satan's School For Girls

See that's why Hell gets all the sucky press; bad schools.
This was one of the two movies that we watched last July 29th (the other one being Good Against Evil because it starred Kim! Catrell! except it really didn't) and sadly, we have lost our notes for this movie. Which means we're gonna have to watch it again. ARRRGH! At least it was no Iguana (which we also lost the notes to for about half a year. Let me tell you, there was much dancing and general carrying on when we found that slip of paper with times and such. Watching Iguana twice would be like having to drink a second dose of barium because the first one was too dilute.)
I am sad to hear that. I was hoping notes would reappear during general Bru-Ha-Ha cleanup.