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That Was a Bad Movie (Yellow)

Random Smithee Trivial Bits - Icons!

Or ask the Smithees "Errrr...what??!?"

Howdy Smitheeites, Your Friendly Neighborhood Promotions Ninja here with a random bit of Smithee miscellany. See, I was dinking around teh LJ intertubes looking at other people's icons and I got to thinking about icons in general. Some of them that you see around are pretty much the duh news...like our trashcan icon. Well, OK maybe not exactly like our trashcan icon because a random person looking at the Smithee LJ icons are going to say "WTF? (OMGBBQ!)" but if you know the Smithees then you know that the golden trashcan is our trademark. Ergo, both new and old trashcan logos aren't really all that exciting. However, we currently have 61 LJ icons and some might be considered...esoteric. For example, take the one I'm posting with. It's...yellow. And we (we being Iron Chef Smithee since this is his icon) call it "That Was a Bad Movie (yellow)". And I have no idea why.

So I asked our Iron Chef, "Iron Cheff Smithee, WTF (OMGmoreBBQ!) is that yellow icon all about? Is that from the Smithee 1KBWC deck?"

And the Iron Chef replied, "Nope! That was me screwing around with MS paint and being amused with the result. It's like the burgers in "Ankle Biters" - that movie tastes like piss!"

Now I know.

So if any of y'all have ever seen us post with an icon that makes you go "Bawr?" or if you've ever wondered why a skull cow or if there's an icon that you'd like to know more about, feel free to ask.

Lastly but not leastly, of the 61 icons, Iron Chef Smithee has created 51, The Guru has created 12 and I've created 1 (however, 13 of the pictures used as icons were mine). Yay Smithee Math!
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I'm not sure who has this one, but someone has an icon that says "I am Blue". The mystery of that icon haunts my dreams.
if it's my "Why is Blue?" icon, it was part of a rant that one of my co-workers went off on, something to the effect of: "Hi, I'm . What circuits are these? How does gravity work? Is it raining where you are? Why is blue?"

Aw yeah! That is an awesome rant!! My husband works as an IT engineer and he has similar rants when people call up and don't understand why the "machine" isn't working when they spill beer in it or why the "floating blue E" (Internet Explorer) doesn't work anymore.
Promotions Ninja Here. Because I mentioned it and because my Sis, who does not have an LJ, had asked about it, here's the scoop on Skull Cow.

So I was wearing my Skull Cow T-shirt at our annual end of summer cook out party and my Sis said "I don't get the cow". So I told her that originally the Smithee inter titles were projector slides and Skull Cow showed up featured on the "What?!?" slide hanging around on the wing of a flying bi-plane. Because...What??!? Skull Cow may also have been the SLM slide too but I only ever got to see 1.5 Smithees before the Guru got a creative bug up his genius and made the animated titles. He had 4 done by the time Smithee 12 rolled around in A2 (MLP, Oblivious, Wanna Run, 'R') and everybody loved them. The Sultan, who also thought the animations were tres geek, was a little nervous about the possibility of having Skull Cow revamped into oblivion as he has a special soft spot for the critter. He needn't have worried because by the time the Origins show rolled around, all the animated inter titles were done and Skull Cow was prominently featured as the Stupidest Looking Monster.

After explaining all this to my sis, she looked at my T-shirt and said, "But...it's a cow. With a skull for a head. That's kinda dumb."

Yeah, it is. Did I mention the stupid part of Stupidest Looking Monster?