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one margarita film

a quick review of a movie watched over a week ago

Devil Girl From Mars was actually pretty decent, as far as mid-1950s sci-fi movies go. The FX were fine (although the spaceship was accompanied by a shrill noise that made me homicidal towards the sound designer). It's set in the Highlands of Scotland on a dark and stormy night, and you can kind of tell that it's based on a stageplay. The action doesn't all literally take place in one room, but it might as well.

There's really only one reason this movie is remembered fondly, some fifty-plus years later, and here's a link to her -- Nyah, the Martian Woman In Leather.

I did appreciate the following exchange (although not enough to consider it a Best One-Liner or anything like that):

"You speak English!"
"Of course. Isn't this England?"

Implying that (duh!) the aliens did some research before they landed. But not enough. If only she had landed in a non-repressed country, instead of needing to forcibly take men with her to repopulate Mars, she could have had her pick....


So...was this not a Smithee movie then but a movie that surprised you by being too good for Smitheeage?
There are a few things that I clipped on general principles, but I don't know that any of them are noteworthy enough to make it into the show.
So, did any of the Smithee group watch Mega Snake? (Sci-Fi original movie...)

Is it nominatable? (It's not on video yet, but it'll be on Sci-Fi twice a week until Feedback / Who Wants to be a Superhero loses popularity.)
We will have to check it out once it hits (direct-to-)DVD. As a general rule, we try to make a point to present stuff that people can actually find out there. Although it's possible that I might catch it when it (re-re-re-)runs, and hold it 'till it comes out, if it's good (read: bad) enough.
It's awful, horribly horribly awful, and worth at least an oblivious nomination, if not premise.
horribly horribly awful is always a nice thing to hear -- and Mega Snake is one of those titles like Mansquito or Mr. No Legs that perks up the interest as soon as you hear it
Saw promos for it during Dr. Who last week and, if they were any guide, that may be the third worst snake effect ever.
Yeah, The Guru and I saw promos for Mega Snake (which I misread above as Mega Shake and then mistyped as Mega Snack) and I thought to myself "Ooooo! I hope that goes the way of Dragonfighter because it sure does look Smitheelicious and it would be such a shame if Sci-Fi decided not to DVD Mega Snake." I have to ask though, what are the first two worst snake effects?
Rana and Hard Ticket to Hawaii. Although, in terms of cost:quality ratio, Mega Snake looks like it could take the crown.

Saw it.

Feedback / Matt Atherton's part was a big 5 minutes about 15 minutes from the end.

Dumb sexist cops, A Mayor who won't cancel the Fair because of politics, idiot snake handling Christian extremists, token female snake biologist, hero afraid of snakes?

Oh yeah, a CLASS-ICK!

Re: Saw it.

A Mayor who won't cancel the Fair because of politics

...but Pumpkinhead will be great for tourism!