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The Inglorious Bastards

G.I. BRO was not a blacksploitation movie, nor was it a good Smithee movie. It was a decent WWII action-adventure movie.

The best moments in the movie are provided by two of my favorite B-movie actors, Bo Svenson (who did this movie between Snowbeast and Gold of the Amazon Women), and "The Hammer" (Fred Williamson, who did this one after Mean Johnny Barrows and Bucktown, but before Blind Rage and Fist of Fear, Touch of Death).

The movie begins on an insecure note with the credit sequence. What's so insecure about a credit sequence? The title screen ("G.I. BRO" with different background & typeface than the rest of the credits) shows up six times. Six! What was the name of this movie, again? Oh, yeah!

It's the story of a handful of military prisoners who are being transferred to the stockade for a variety of reasons (desertion, murder, theft, etc). On the way, their convoy is hit by a German attack, and the five that survive strike out for Switzerland.

En route to Switzerland, they are surprised by a group of seven German soldiers, but manage to take them out. Then they discover that the German soldiers were really Americans in disguise, Americans who had trained for months to pull off a dangerous top-secret mission. Oops.

Of course, the convicts end up going on that mission (infiltrate train and steal gyroscope from prototype German V2 rocket) themselves, and must pull it off without the weeks of training, and without the weeks of planning, but with only their moxie, pluckiness, and ... and ... and ... willingness to KICK SOME GERMAN ASS!

Ahem. Sorry about that.

Anyway, I enjoyed it.


Sounds like much fun.

I must go back once the semester's over and make a list of all of these to rent.
That's part of how I choose what to review and what not to review.

Bare Behind Bars is exactly what it sounds like -- you don't need me to tell you about it. G.I. BRO, however, was better than it sounded.
How the hell is a movie called G.I. Bro NOT a blaksploitation movie?!?!? I'd feel conned.
Uh ... yeah, if I hadn't been warned ahead of time, I totally would have felt conned. You saw the cover!