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three peeps say WHAT?!?

Prehistoric Women, journeyless

Just to be clear, we are talking here about the 1950 Prehistoric Women, and not the 1967 Prehistoric Women, although the latter is on my "Smithee Seeking" list.

For further details about the movie, clicked you have.

The entire movie is told in voiceover, because all the prehistoric people speak Cave ("Ankar -- ankar," says a woman. "Ankar was their word for men," says the voiceover). How fast does that get old? Exactly.

It's your pretty standard caveman movie, but unlike, say, The Wild Women of Wongo, there's no weird Mother Nature / Father Time conspiracy going on. There is some random dancing, but it's neither as long nor as pointless. Instead, the setup is that a bunch of women rebelled at being pushed around by their men. They ran away, and set up their own tribe (taking their little girls with them).

The little girls have all grown up now, and the surviving original woman (now The Old Woman) has told them that they must seek out men to capture as slaves so that their tribe may continue. They also have pet panthers, because why not?

The Prehistoric Women set out on their manhunt, and capture several men from a neighboring (mixed-gender) Cave Tribe. One of the men escapes, though, and is injured, barely finding his way back to the cave.

After recuperating, he sets out to rescue his cave comrades. And promptly discovers fire, only to lose it again. Then is captured by the Prehistoric Women. Following a Prehistoric Catfight, the leader of the Prehistoric Women takes him as her Arkat (or Ankar or Orko or whatever it was).

However, he rediscovers fire at an opportune time and leads his comrades in revolt against the women, turning them into the slaves of the men. He decides to bring their entire tribe back to his home cave.

En route, they are attacked by a giant caveman monster, and have to work together to defeat it (with fire!). They then decide to live in harmony as equals, and return to the land of the Prehistoric Women to get married under the full moon (this requires more dancing). Finally, finally, the film is over, and the narrator can shut up.

I will give it this -- for a film released in 1950, it could have been worse.


Just bought it

Just bought this one today, haven't seen it yet.

You really need the Sinbad movie with Lou Ferrigno.

Worst Acting - NOT by Ferrigno but by the mother who is reading the story of Sinbad to her daughter, very angry woman who obviously didn't want to do the movie, no chemistry at all between mom and daughter.

What?! and Deus Ex Machina = Sinbad falls in a pit of snakes with no escape, convinces snakes to let him tie them end to end to make a rope he can climb out with!

There's probably more, but even I have limits of what I can watch.

Re: Just bought it

I ... didn't realize they made a Sinbad movie as recently as 1989. Or at least a Sinbad movie starring somebody other than this Sinbad. I will have to look for it -- the Ferrigno Hercules is positive full of that kind of amusing weirdness.
And promptly discovers fire, only to lose it again.

Zippo's flint break? Yeah that's a bitch.