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stupidest-looking brain


We've done a few Smithee films already that start with the letter Q (three, to be exact -- in Years One, One and Three). Can any of you recommend others? Initial articles of "a" and "the" are fine.


Plus one Smithee film starring Q, last year.
So why not continue with that tradition since it's more recent? :P

Meanwhile, hopefully these links will help:



Has everything in Esperanto been nominated?
Quintet really blows - have you seen that one?



Hey, I kind of liked Quintet - it's on a par with Zardoz, if that means anything to you. I keep meaning to sign up for Netflix or something so that I can find a copy and see how it gibes with my memory of it.

Re: (scott)

"it's on a par with Zardoz" is one of those phrases like "my favorite of the Leprechaun movies" or "Terror Train! Perfect!" that you never really expect to hear

the description of Quintet in imdb is fascinating, but I'm not entirely sure that I want to sit through it (Zardoz I saw for a class, along with Metropolis, A Boy and His Dog, Koyaanisqatsi, Nightfall, and I don't remember what all else)

Re: (scott)

I saw Zar-doze for the Smithees. At the time, it was the most boring movie I'd ever seen (now the most boring movie I've ever seen is the last 5 years minutes of Iguana). "It's on a par with Zardoz" is a phrase that I could imagine hearing -- I'm pretty sure I've even used it. Just not in a complementary way.

Re: (scott)

You liked Zardoz? Isn't that the one where Sean Connery runs around in an orange diaper and grunts a lot? Pee ew!