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On The Sixth Day of U-Con-mass My Smithee Love Gave to Me

Well, actually we got nothing for you Smitheeites today but some blurbit spam but at least it's something right? Right! Promotion's Ninja here and if you don't know already, the A2 Smithee Crew (The Guru and the Earl) will be running the traditional MiniSmithees (or Smithee Primaries if you prefer) at U-Con. We're under "Featured Events" (awww!) and are scheduled to start rolling at 7pm on Saturday, November 10. There isn't a room listed yet (because I think that violates some Smithee cosmic rule to know where exactly we will be setting up before the show) but in years past we've been housed in the Wolverine Room. That would be the room you get to by walking through the Union's front doors, going straight up a small flight of seven or so steps, skirting around the info desk, walking through the Amir's, ordering a drink and maybe a sammich (may I recommend the Black Forest Mocha? It is the bomb!), continuing on through Amir's and out the other side, then angling slightly left. BAMN! Wolverine room. Or close enough to it to find it by feel anyway.

Please join us in honing the A2 ballot on Saturday and remember: These clips aren't trimmed down to their full show razor keenness and there are a whole lot of them. And some of them just might suck. That's why we need you to soldier though all the clips the A2 crew has watched so we send only the best for the '08 Smithee line-up. I might even make Bacon-fat Ginger Cookies if y'all are really, really good this week.


Speaking as staff for U-Con I can confirm you are indeed in the wolverine room again!
Hrm... Too bad I don't get to leave Youngstown, OH until about 6 PM that night. By the time I got to A2, It'd all be over.

Oh, and sgtrocknroll and I got our event approved for Origins. :D
CooooOOOooool! What are you going to run?
The Gamers' Wedding Chapel. :D
Oh right! I remember you talking about that now. Wikid! I'm looking forward to hearing (or seeing!) how that turns out next year.

Looks like I won't be there - I have to get up at 3am Sunday for something local... which means Chicago area. Ah well - have fun as best you can with those terrible movies.
Awww...but then again it's all the A2 clips and you'll most likely see a good portion of them in April. If you can make it in April? We're a tentative go for April 19th (and by that I mean that according to the ancient lore of scheduling Smithees, the 19th follows the usual pattern). Don't say we didn't sort of warn ya! Maybe. *g*
I hope I can make it! The husband and I were debating the U-Con. First, he tried to say that it was called something else (oh yes, I won that argument!) Then, he tried to convince me that these clips were the same clips that we saw in April. Oh yes, it looks like I win THAT argument, too!

Either way, I'll put April 19 in my calendar :) :)
It'll be good to see you (and the hub?). He is sorta right about the clips in that some of these will appear again this coming April (the judges award him partial points for his answer) since we use the U-Con crowd as a marketing tool to decide which clips are the coolest. Sometimes you think a thing is teh awesomz (Stilts guy? BRILLIANT!) but the the audience lets you know that maybe it wasn't as cool as you thought it was and they vote for something else (Godzilla??!?? FUCKERS!).

And sometimes the audience is totally wrong but most of the time not.