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On The Fifth Day of U-Con-mass My Smithee Love Gave to Me

Half a Smithee DVD! Check that out...and you thought I'd have nothing again for you today. So The Guru spent the day yesterday hammering through the first disc categories and set disc one to...ummm...render? Burn? Rendurn? Burender? Something. Anyway, we have half a show sign! As of this morning he had three categories left to edit, assemble and do his Guru Fu on and then wala! We'll have a full show. This will also leave me with something to pad tomorrow's show announcement babble because saying

Saturday: November 10th
Michigan Union: Wolverine Room

four more times might become tiring. At least to read; I can always babble about practically anything. BTW, the room is confirmed by sorcycat who is a head cheese honcho big kahuna person at U-Con. She should know from rooms so there you have it. BTBTW, I picked up two pounds of bacon yesterday. Outlook good for bacon-fat ginger cookies.

-Your verbose but friendly neighborhood promotions ninja


Okay my Smithee brethren, please help me out here.

I want to go to UCon this weekend, for my first time. Um...what should I expect? I mean, can a "newbie" just show up and just sort of...game? I know this is stupid to even ask, but I sometimes get really shy when I am doing something new.

Any input/advice would be REALLY appreciated :)

Your loyal stalker,
To tell the truth, I have no idea. I've never "gone" to U-con but to do the mini-Smithees and to baby sit our friends' daughter a couple times while they ran a LARP. I *think* U-Con works like pretty much all the other cons; You get a badge, sign up for events, get some tickets, maybe attend some presentation things (guest speakers, workshops, anime viewing), maybe walk through the dealer room. I think most places have a pre-reg where you can sign up for the game you want to play but you can also just mosey up to a table and plop down a ticket. Pre-reg just guarantees a spot at the game incase it sells out.

That said...ummm...we've never actively checked for badges or systematically collected tickets for the Smithee Primaries. Not that I'm saying it's OK to come in unticketed and unbadged 'cuz that's not the spirit of the thing. Just that we've never really paid all that mind to tickets or badges. Anywhere actually.


Unless they are really cool.
We don't need no stinkin' badges :) It had to be said!!!

Thanks for the input! If I can drag Jeff downtown that night, I would like to go :)