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Do Not Want (new can)

On The Third Day of U-Con-mas My Smithee Love Gave to Me

A completed and vetted Disc 1 DVD! The Guru has Smithee discs 1 and 2 locked, loaded and burned and last night we gave disc 1 a test drive. It's always good to check your product because even the mighty sometimes miss a comma. The Earl came over to help with the watching and it looks good other than a couple minor tweaks (like a few movie titles that escaped editing and showed up still in wikispeak - that would be all squished together as apparently TankKill means something to a wiki while we'd rather it say Tank Kill on the intertitles. What you gonna do though, cut and paste is awesome and so are wikis). I think there are maybe 5 small fixes and we're good to go on disc 1. The Guru plans to watch disc 2 today and look for any errors it might have. But then? Then we are totally done! And then we will be ready to present

An Official U-Con Presentation
(more or less)
Saturday: November 10th
Michigan Union: Wolverine Room

You like how I rolled that in? I'm pretty pleased with that myself. It's the coolest thing I've done all day, which would be pretty sad if it weren't still early in the morning. The day is young and I have many more chances for awesomeness...what a way to start it out eh?