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bad day at badmovie

Back on Halloween, everyone else watched horror films. What did I watch?

I watched She-Devils on Wheels, a biker film. A lady biker film. A Florida lady biker film. Directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis, and starring no one you've ever heard of.

The film is not so much a narrative as a series of vignettes. A biker chick gets too fixated on a particular stud. A male gang tries to muscle in on The Man-eaters' territory. A newbie Man-eater is initiated into the gang. That sort of thing.

When presented with a movie like this, the director has two options. Use actors who may or may not be able to ride bikes. Use bikers who may or may not be able to act. H.G. Lewis chose the latter. For the most part, this works in his favor, as it does give the film an almost-eerily-banal sense of reality. The one mistake is the leader of the Man-eaters, Queen. She doesn't so much emote as holler. She yells her lines. All of them. All the time. That might be okay if she didn't have such a large role. But ... she does.

A Halloween properly ill-spent after all.