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Ninja Duck What??!?

December Trivia Hint Number MegaMeta One

Alrighty! Just a little update on the Trivia Question for December: Who is the most prolific Smithee movie director?. I've been puttering around the Smithee Site trying to get it to spit me out some answers but the Smithee Database is being one cranky Grinch. Ergo, I've decided to bypass it all together and create my own database (of sorts...OK it's an Excel spreadsheet) to answer me my questions. I spent the week plugging in years 1-5 (calendar years 1992-1996) and I thought y'all might like to see the progress so far.

For years 1-5, the most movies any one person directed were 4. Well, the most movies any one people directed I should say because 4 directors tied at 4 movies each...although one of them had co-directors on all 4 movies while the other three were solo all the way. The Years 1-5 four movie directors are:

Sandy Frank of Godzilla universe fame. Sandy is our no solo credit director and oddly, the 4 movies he co-directs are the only four Smithee movies he has credits for. Since we know Ed Wood and Roger Corman both cap out at five, we won't be seeing Sandy again in our top directors. Good bye.

Burt I. Gordon is our next 4 director up and also caps out at 4 Smithee movies in years 1-5. Burt gave us Food of the Gods and Earth vs. the Spider among others but if you take a gander over at his IMDB entry he has a lot of films which look ripe for the Smithee picking. I mean Attack of the Puppet People? Brilliant!

John Carpenter takes a nice 4 Smithee movie lead as well and also fades out early with a total of 4 Smithee movies to his name. For those of you who don't know from John Carpenter...shame on you!

Albert Pyun is a director I never heard of until I kept seeing his name pop up, which it has fairly frequently (and I'll give you a hint: He's the directing force behind the Nemesis series so you know we'll be seeing him at least two more times). I think Albert is my new top vote for most prolific Smithee director, although the Earl will probably say "nope" in his quiet Earl way.

Honorable mention at three movies each (so far) go to:
Larry Cohen who by the time year five rolled around has already given us 3 of his 4 directing credits. However, the last movie (which we won't see until much later) has one of my all time favorite Alases: What goes clip-clop bang?

Roger Corman is at 3 of his 5, one in which he has a co-director credit.

Joe D'Amato of Ator fame gives us 3 Ator movies out of the 3 Ator movies (or any other movie) credited to him.

Kevin Tenney has but one more movie to show us but oddly enough, that movie is not a Witchblade/Witchboard/Witchtrap named movie. I thought that was kind of a neat thing to report on.

and lastly, Ed Wood Jr. who has two more movies somewhere up the pipeline.

I've spent a lot of time poking around the Smithee guts and have run across some other interesting (but not prolific) directorial tidbits. First, I stumbled over Brian De Palma in the directing credits (one movie: Raising Cain) and I said to myself "Brian De Palma? That's a director name I know!" so I looked him up and said hello to his little friend. And then I laughed at him.

Robert Englund also rang a bell but I couldn't place him until I hopped over to IMDB. I wasn't having a nightmare; I've just never thought of him as having a director's hat. 976-EVIL is listed as his first directing credit (out of a total of 2 movies and 2 TV show episodes).

And for those of you who are curious, Alan Smithee blipped once on the director radar for Solar Crisis.

Stay tuned for more hints from years 6-10 next week.

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Promotions (and Trivia Month) Ninja