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three peeps say WHAT?!?

December Trivia Hint Number MegaMeta TWO

Hey there Smitheeites, I'm continuing to gather data for the December Trivia Question (Who is the most prolific Smithee movie director?) and thought I'd give you some more hints and an update. This new batch of goodies is through Smithee year 10 (or up to MegaMeta 2. Nice? Niiiice) and there has been some changes in the directorial race for most Smithee movies.

I'm dropping the three movie directors this time around because we have 4, 5 and 6 movie directors by year 10.

Say goodbye to Larry Cohen for I think I'll be dropping the 4 movie directors in the next post. His 4th movie will have been Black Caesar in Smithee year 2004. Hee. Drive by Amish shooting Alas. Also saying Goodbye for now is Roger Corman but he'll be back next week at 5 movies. He won't win, but at least he'll be on the board.

4 Smithee Movie Directorial Debut Runners Up

John Carpenter capped out his 4 movies last week so he gets one more shot at being on the Smithee board before he falls to the more prolific.

Burt I. Gordon also stays at 4 movies this week and will be joining John Carpenter on the sidelines as they cheer the big boys home. 4 is a nice start but it won't cut it for Smithee Director of the Year(s). I still want to get some more of Gordon's stuff though, so maybe in the future Burt will be back in action challenging the overachievers.

Sandy Frank shall be retired after this week as well. He is a great sprinter but just doesn't have the staying power for the long haul races. As a side note, there were at least two Godzilla movies in years 6-10 and none of them were directed by Sandy. I was a bit surprised.

Fred Olin Ray makes a splash on the boards this week with 4 movies in years 6-10 (Cyclone, Mind Twister, Alienator, Star Hunter). Fred will be making the cut next week too for he has one more movie to show us in years 11-16. Go Ray!

Also new on the scene is Brian Trenchard-Smith who is fond of Leprechauns but not fond enough to remain on the boards when I drop the 4 movie directors. Nice knowing you Brian, but not nice having to type out that last name. I feel for any children you may have.

5 Smithee Movie Directorial Debut Honorable Mentions

Ed Wood, Jr. moves up a category into the five movie directors this week when The violent Years was done in Smithee 7. Sadly, that's all we have for Ed Wood so he will not win most prolific Smithee director.

Cirio H. Santiago had a poor start in the first five years with only two movies (Angelfist, Wheels of Fire) but came back strong with three more movies in the middle stretch (Future Hunters, Foxforce, Live by the Fist). Sadly, Cirio tops out at 5 so we won't be seeing him in the winner's circle. Also...dude seems to have a thing with fists.

6 Smithee Movie Directorial Debut Big Hitters

My man Albert Pyun remains on the top board with two more movies in the back stretch: Knights, and Omega Doom. He's got still more to come in the home stretch since neither of the new movies are Nemesis movies and he'd still be my favorite pick if it weren't for...

Newcomer Godfrey Ho. Godfrey exploded onto the scene this week with all six of his movies in years 6-10. Who might this come from behind challenger be? His Smithee bio says "possibly directed more Smithee films than anyone else - also known as: Alton Cheung, Tommy Cheung, Ho Chi-Keung, Elton Chong, Daniel Clough, Leong Fui Fong, Antonin Gasner, Martin Greenfield, Godfrey Hall, Zhi Jiang He, Benny Ho, Chi-Mou Ho, Chun-Sing Ho, Fong Ho, York Lam, Bruce Lambert, Charles Lee, Frank Lewis, Jerry Sawyer, Victor Sears, Robert Young, Albert Yu". That's...a lot of names. Does he even know who he is anymore? And also? I'm not looking up every single one of those names to see if he has directed more movies than the ones listed under Godfrey Ho. You may know Director Ho (heh) from Full Metal Ninja, Ninja Thunderbolt, or N.I.A. Ninja in action but probably you know him more recently from his work on Catman in Lethal Track and Vampire, Raiders: Ninja Queen. The dude is colorful and a force to be reckoned with.

Can my man Pyun stand up to the challenger Ho in next week's trivia race? Or will there be a come from behind long shot who will sweep the boards out between both their feet? There's only one way to find out...well OK two ways but only one LAZY way to find out and that is to check back next Friday when I add years 11-15 to my database.

You astute Smitheeites might at this very moment be thinking "But...wasn't last year Smithee 16?" And you would be quite right. I think I'll save the final answer for the week after next week. Call it my Christmas present to you.

-Your Friendly Database Typin Fool Promotions Ninja.


We should've known that only a Ho could suck that much...

And no apologies for the pun.