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Movies We're Watchin'

Two Movies That Weren't

Hi ho, your very chilly and snow shoveling sore Promotions Ninja here with a "Movies we're Watchin'" post.

This weekend, braving unplowed streets (re: Someone has a 4x4 truck and needs justification every now and then for having it) the Guru and I headed on out to The Earl and The Lovely Ballet Bimbo's place for some movie watching action. After hmmming and hawing, we settled on Blindman because...dude! The tag line reads "Blindman, Blindman, what did he do? Stole 50 women that belong to you." and the plot synopsis is "A blind sharp shooter going around collecting up 50 mail order brides that were stolen.". How could we not watch this movie? Sadly, this disc came from the era of The Earl's life in which he didn't test every DVD he got and thus, 15 minutes into the film we deemed it unwatchable because it kept hitching up. Even The Earl's Souped up, pimped out DVD player of doom couldn't help. However, those 15 minutes, despite all the forewarning to the contrary, were really quite good. The Guru fiddle-faddled with the disc doing his magic The Guru stuff off and on the rest of the night until he discovered that the stick on label had shrunk and pulled the disc up into a keen 3D parabola shape. Label stripped and wala! The disc worked like a dream. We ran out of time to watch it though so later when we do, we shall see if it is indeed as good a movie as the first 15 minutes lead us to believe.

Movie two was called "The Monster Hunter" on our disc but IMDB has it listed as "Natural Selection"...despite their cover pic saying "The Monster Hunter". Whatever, it's basically about these dudes making a documentary about a mass murderer in Texas. Half of the movie is done in that very hand held sort of low budget (but not Smithee low budget...it's kinda cool the way that they get the feeling of low budget documentary without actually being low budget) "investigative journaling" camcorder style while the other half is good quality movie movie about what actually is going on.

It's a strangely bizarre movie but actually pretty good. I think my very favorite part was the interview with the red neck yahoos where the dim one says something stupid which prompts the smarter one to shove him in the chest. Which would have been fine except that the dim one was sitting on the edge of a truck bed with a loaded gun and promptly goes tumbling overboard. The gun goes off and the cooler sitting on the cab of the truck vaporizes. HEE! I loved the red neck sections. We also discovered that the majority of the cast was either in Walker, Texas Ranger or King Fu: The Legend Continues. Freaky. Anyway, go pick up Monster Hunter for some fun movie viewing with no Smithee stress.


He had a seeing-eye horse ("How can I show you the way to Mexico?" "Show the horse"). And a really cool-looking cracked-leather map of the US and Mexico. And a compass designed for feeling instead of looking at.

A solid career choice.
That is AWESOME! A seeing eye horse! Way better than a seeing eye dog.
There probably really are compasses with tactile graphics on them...I know that they make rulers and measuring cups with tactile stuff. I made some of my own for my students, using a variety of "dots" (just puffy, dot shaped stickers) and puffy paint.
I want a seeing eye horse! I'm sure the school district would love that.