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Ninja Duck What??!?

December Trivia Hint Number MegaMeta Three

Merry Early Christmas Smitheeites. I got ahead of myself with the database crawling so I thought I'd post the last update for the race to see who has directed the most Smithee movies. These new standings are from movies you might have seen in 2002-2006. One more year of directors to go and we'll have our answer. Huzzah!

Last week I decided to drop the 4 movie directors so we said a sad farewell to John Carpenter, Lary Cohen, Burt I. Gordon, Sandy Frank and Brian Trenchard-Smith. We hardly knew ya. We also never really got to know Charles Band (Parasite), Jim Wynorski (Raptor), and Kevin Tenney (Peacemaker) because they topped out at 4 movies this go-around. Also, Donald G. Jackson (Guns of El Chupacabra) splashes into obscurity with four movies but he'll be back before this is all over with a fifth movie from year 16. Actually, he'll probably be back whether we want him to or not because there are a lot o' lot of Jackson Films just begging to be Smitheed.

5 Smithee Movie "Nice try but..." finishers:

Fred Olin Ray hangs on to the Smithee Prolific Director board by adding Cyberzone in year 11. This is the last movie of his listed in the Smithee database for the time being so I'm afraid that Fred will not be winning the coveted Golden Something for this trivia question.

Roger Corman also grabs a spot on the 5 director board with The Terror in year 12 and Deathsport in year 14 but I'm afraid he's going to be staying pat until a much later (and not yet assembled) Smithees.

Ed Wood, Jr. remains at 5 movies from last week so he too will not be in the winner's circle when I reveal the most directed director.

The same goes for Cirio H. Santiago. Stagnant directors a Gold Something do not get.

6 Smithee Movie "Out of Nowhere and in second place" contender:

Ishirô Honda makes a surprise splash into the six movies directed category starting in year 11 with King Kong vs. Godzilla and Frankenstein Conquers the World. Then, in year 14, he adds Gorath to the list and keeps on going in year 15 with Godzilla vs. Monster Zero. I'm still miffed about the SLM Godzilla thing BTW.

8 Smithee Movie "Neck in neck" first place big cheese directors:

My man Albert Pyun maintains a lead with Arcade and Nemesis 2: Nebula from year 12. I'm pretty certain I know who the top director is by now but it was nice to see...

Godfrey Ho also come up with 8 Smithee movies to date (Dragon on Fire and Golden Dragon, Silver Snake both from year 13. Apparently we've hit the Ho Dragon Collection this time around) to keep the excitement and tension going. Who will it be? Can Ho pull off another movie (or two) in Smithee year 16 and grab the title or does my man Pyun have yet a little something more up his sleeve? Will there even be a clear winner or are these two heavy hitters spent? Only time (and entering year 16 into the Excel sheet) will tell.

Of no note whatsoever in the race for Grand Poobah Smithee director, I ran across some awesome names: H. Tjut Djalil of Lady Terminator (directed this movie only) and Hieronim Przybyl of First Spaceship on Venus (also the only movie credit). I feel for their kids!

Your "In the know" but still friendly Trivia Directing Promotions Ninja


Hands down, "Ib Melchior" is still my favorite Smithee director name.
OH! I forgot about him! Heh, I should have really jotted down notes as I thought of them because I would have totally included ol' Ib.


I think the phrase for a close race is "Neck and neck". Though I do have to say that "neck in neck" is appropriately gory for the Smithees.

-Sean K.