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anonymous kph

...what do you think, sirs?

24 letters to go, only 6 of whose movies are spoken for. And the earliest is "O" (July 20 through August 2).

Did people enjoy having a say in which movie I watched for this? Or is it the sort of thing that would be amusing once, but not roughly every two weeks for the rest of the year?

Thought I would ask before my pursuit of bad movies drove me below "C" level....
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I'd certainly be up for more voting, or submitting suggestions, though I'd guess it's easier for you to offer up titles already in residence in your collection.

-Sean K.
Suggestions are always welcomed, and will be treated appropriately.
I agree--voting is fun!
Was your subject line a nod to my all-time favorite show, MST3k? I was planning to marry Joel, by the way (my husband knows this), but alas, it never happened....
Ah, but of course! I finally saw the trailer for the first Cinematic Titanic movie, and so MST3K was on my mind....
As a matter of fact, I was just thinking about this last weekend when I was watching Nemisis 4. Part way through, I realized it would be the perfect movie for 'U'. Or at least "Ew"....

A suggestion for "A"

Maybe you're past the "A", but if not, give "Absolute Zero" a look see. I confess to only seeing the first 15 minutes. That was enough to win an unofficial nomination for Worst Science..It's not enough that the theory is that when the Earth's magnetic field reverses (it does) it causes temperatures on the Earth to go to Absolute Zero! He is able to SIMULATE this and does so for the G.E.M. (Generic Evil Military)...anyway at that point I could feel my IQ plummeting precipitously, and I decided that for safety I should not watch this by myself, or at least not without rigging up a kill-switch that would detect drool and cut it off, or possibly switch to PBS.

Re: A suggestion for "A"

Awesome! I have watched an "A" movie for "26 movies in 52 weeks" (my trek through the alphabet), but we are interspersing those with other Smithee movies, so I will toss "Absolute Zero" into the pile. All it takes to put a movie on my Smithee Seeking list is a line in the preview about "igniting the pockets of greenhouse gases in the Earth's atmosphere," and it sounds like this is along those lines.

Thank you Nick Danger (Third Eye)!
The Guru and I just activated our Netflix gift and lo! There is a Legend of Boggy Creek 2! So if you don't have an 'L' lined up, we could do a Smithee sequel L watching. We also ordered up Boa (yay Dean Cain!) and Python to go along with Boa vs. Python. You've already done 'B' but do you have a 'P' slotted yet? Either way, the Guru and I will be watching these potential classics so if you're set for L and P no worries.
The only letters that are distinctly accounted for at this point are O (I only have 1 O - Octopus 2: River of Fear), Q (I have no Qs), R (booniverse took), U (I only have 1 U - Undefeatable), W (I want to watch the movie entitled W), and Y (I only have 1 Y - Yeti: Giant of the 20th Century).