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sultan of statistics

Day -5475: The Ghost of Smitheemas Past

For Smithee 2, back in 1993, Mr. Smithee and I watched movie called Humanoids of the Deep. It had several pretty amusing clips, including what at that time was, in my opinion, the best Let's Up The Rating To 'R' clip we'd ever found, and had three clips make the final cut to appear in that year's Smithees. Unfortunately, when we went back a few months later to clip it, Blockbuster had thrown it away.

Last fall, the Earl finally managed to track down a copy (turns out we'd been slightly hampered by my having remembered the title wrong) and clipped it for me based on my 15-year-old notes. What could possibly go wrong?

Humanoids is your typical Roger Corman-produced monster movie. An evil fish cannery, the cleverly named CANCO, is experimenting with genetically-altered salmon. Naturally, the salmon escape, enter the food chain, and form the basis of a breed of monster, who crawl out of the sea to kill all the local men and mate with all the local women. Evacuating the town is, of course, impossible since the Salmon Festival is coming up and how could we possibly cancel that?

It's been a while, but I recall this as having been a pretty fun bad movie to watch, although a bit heavy on the women being molested by sea monsters for my taste (or that of director Barbara Peters, who walked off the set when Corman ordered her to re-edit it with more nudity). The R clip is no luchadore sex scene, but it's still as funny as I remembered (and, the last sentence not withstanding, does not involve sea monster molestation). There's also some Bad Science, a decent Alas, and, as you might expect, some very Stupid-Looking Monsters.

Alas, the copy the Earl found didn't have the Predator-ripoff cover that attracted Mr. Smithee and I to the film in the first place, so no Worst Cover Copy nomination this time around. Pity; my ballot could have used it.


I couldn't even find an image of it on the internet, more's the pity....
I really think you've got an R winner there. And several other very solid clips.
Yeah, but you haven't seen the Nemesis 4 clip. Which means you can still sleep at night.
Basket Case III lives in my house.

I can never sleep at night.
This might've been suggested already, and I'm sorry if it has been, but have you ever run across the box for Frankenhooker? It has sound effects. The box, that is. Or is that outside the scope of the Worst Cover category?
A box with sound effects is distinctly within the scope of Worst Cover Copy. It's just hard to convey without the actual box....