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Night of the "Night of"s

Well foo! I was hoping to get the first post in for today because it's a BIRTHDAY POST but that wily Sultan got the jump on me. Still, there is a birthday a-happening and we did BIRTHDAY THINGS in celebration. Because today is MY birthday!

Yesterday, The Guru, The Earl, the most awesome brownie making Ballot Bimbo and I had a Smithee movie watching night. It all started when The Earl noticed that he had a bajillion "Day of"s and "Dawn of"s but only two "Night of"s in his collection. We can't watch a bazillion movies in one night but two? Two we can do!

And so we did.

Night of the Sharks was our first movie of the evening because it wouldn't play on the Guru's DVD player. A lot of things won't play on the Guru's DVD player anymore; I think it has had it up to here with Smithee movies. Poor thing. However, the Earl's Souped Up Tricked Out DVD player is either made of sterner stuff or hasn't yet been exposed to enough movies to break it. Muahahaha.

Munching on fish sticks (but of course!) we sat through a movie somewhat about James, who phone tapped and recorded the Miami Mob's dealings and then blackmailed them for 2 million in diamonds or he would go to the press. James mails the original taps to his brother David who lives in the Caribbean Mexico and then kaks. The Mob trundles down to the Bahamas Cancun to talk to David, who is having a thing with a shark. Apparently there is a one eyed shark which spends its days hanging around the beach waiting for David to set foot in the water so he can molest him and/or make David's life miserable. Like eating David's ex-wife, who he isn't quite over. Nom Nom Nom sucker.

Things and stuff happen in the usual action packed stupidity of a Smithee movie and there is an ending. Huzzah. There was only one shark of note (the one eyed shark with the vendetta) and 95% of the action took place in the day. Plus, they had the MOST obnoxious dramatic music all the damned time. We did get a couple Smithee clips so all was not lost and we all agreed that fish sticks are yummy.

The second "Night of" was Night of the Lepus and for those of you who know Latin, yes Lepus as in rabbit. Thus, we had Welsh Rarebit for dinner as well. But of course. Night of the Lepus at least had rabbits, lots of rabbits and scientists. Not lots of scientists but you only need one with an idea of giving 50 of the rabbits a growth hormone to mess up their reproductive cycle. The good news was that only one rabbit got the injection (of an unknown serum that the scientist got from his buddy over at the CDC), the bad news is that the scientist's seven year old daughter took a shine to the rabbit and winds up setting him free more or less.

One rabbit generation later (or the next day as best as we can figure out), wolf sized rabbits begin to show up and molest the Arizona countryside. Of course the rabbits start killing and gnawing on people because...well, I guess when you increase the size of an herbivore it starts to crave meat and develops all the instincts of a hunter. The people rally and the police become psychic. Or maybe we just got a new kind of Whoops to share with you all since Bob certainly didn't tell the sheriff any of the important details but when the sheriff hangs up, it's like he's read the script and lets everyone in on all the stuff he was never told. Wrock!

And if you can believe it, Lepus was the better movie. They did a really good job of filming a bunch of rabbits and made awesome tiny town sets for the rabbits to storm through (in slow motion). However the main antagonists were...rabbits. Cute cuddly hopping rabbits. You just can't take them seriously even though they were hopping all over eating people and wreaking massive collateral damage. Fuzzy, cute collateral damage. Awwwwwww.

Last but not least and apropos of nothing, I'm debuting the new Smithee icon (eyecon) and the official 2008 Stupid Looking Monster: Norbert. He's the cutest crawling eye monster you'll ever meet.

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Promotions Ninja


Happy birthday, my online friend!! I think we are close in age, so I can say...getting old sucks, but it does beat being dead :)
And that icon is darling!
Awww thanks, on both fronts. And I suppose if you look at it that way, yes old and rickety is preferable to dead, but I wish my joints would quit reminding me of how old and rickety I am!
True dat. I went for a 90 minute walk yesterday, and you'd think that I ran the freaking Boston Marathon, from the way my legs hurt....
Happy Birthday!
Yay! Birthday wishes! Thanks!


First off, Happy Birthday promo ninja! ("NINJAAAAAA!")

Second, I saw "Night of the Lepus" years ago. I seem to remember DeForest Kelley being in it (I just checked, and he is, and I see it also had Janet Leigh and Rory Calhoun - an all-star cast!). And yes, I remember the bunnies being more cute than terrifying.

-Sean K.
He was, he was! And the guy who played the side kick to 'David the hero with shark problems' also played Huggy Bear in Starsky and Hutch (the TV show).

We are all in agreement then: Bunnies are not designed to be ferocious terrors.

Thanks for the birthday wishes!
I so need to start watching these movies outside of the Smithees again... Luckily Cleveland/Akron still has good UHF stations. I guess that's a good a place to start as any.
Happy (late) Birthday!

And reading about the Flopsy Bunny Rampage, am I the only one having an Invader ZIM flash?