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Ninja Grass

In The Beginning...

Do you know what today is? Besides gizelnort's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!)? Today is the day that the Smithee clips from the Supreme Committee Members (Fearless Leader, The Sultan, The Earl and The Guru) are due. It's also one of my favorite Smithee days because it marks (for me) the real beginning of the Smithee year. Up until now we've all been individually watching movies and jotting down potential clips but today is the day that all the clips come together and the Supreme Committee Members begin to decide what will be going into the show. It's the day where Smithee 17 stops being an abstract idea and starts becoming a concrete thing.

It's also the day I get to watch all the clips that the other Committee Members have collected because I live with the person who does the Smithee awards assembly. SQUEEE!


Exciting! Less than three months until the awards show...I can't believe it! :)