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three peeps say WHAT?!?

Is It Time For the February Trivia Thing?

I think it is!

As the Sultan discussed a couple entries ago, it takes 40 Smithee movies, give or take, to assemble a complete show. The Supreme Committee members like to have a goodly amount of diversity so they try very hard to include many different movies. Some years there is a glut of badness, other years it's pretty lean. When I heard this, I asked myself "Self? I wonder what the least number of Smithee movies used in a Smithee year is. Conversely, I wonder what year had the most number of Smithee movies." Myself said something clever like, "Buh...Idunno." However, badmovie had the ways and means to extract this information so now I do. Which makes it a lovely little trivia bit and since February is extra long this year, I'm going to ask two trivia questions:

What year had the least number of individual Smithee movies?
What year had the most number of individual Smithee movies?

Extra credit for taking a shot at what the actual high and low numbers are.

Happy guessing.


I'm going to guess....

Smithees II had the least.
Smithees XII had the most.

Completely off the top of my head, no research whatsoever.
Awww crud. My list is by Smithee year, not by Smithee number. ARGH! Math! Hold on a minute... So. Smithee 2 - that's easy 1998. Smithee 12...that's 2003. Aaaaaand...Nope.

Smithee II (1998) had 38 unique movies.
Smithee XII (2003) had 33 unique movies.

Incidentally, Smithee II is one of three years to hit the median number of movies exactly. Smithee XII runs on the low end with only 2 other years having fewer movies than S12.
Wait.... How was Smithees XVI in 2007 and Smithees II in 1998? I think you're looking wrong. :P

Smithee II should be 1993 and Smithee XII is 2003. (So I'm wrong with the Most.)
Ahhhh. Mistype on my part. I was looking at the right spot but the fingers and the 3 key were having a tiff at that moment. Either that or 8 bribed its way into the post. 1993 still has 38 unique movies so the info there is at least right.
I'm recusing myself from this one since, unlike directors where I'm as much in the dark as anybody else, this is a stat that I actually keep.