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Mega-Meta 3 Category Recap 2 of 19: Oblivious

Yes, it is that time once again. The time when nouns are nouns, verbs are verbs, and dangling participles dress up like gerunds and stalk their prey among the abattoirs of talk radio. It's Smithee time!

Today I will be recapping the winners of the Oblivious category from years 11-15, so if you wish to keep these memories repressed, by no means

Year 11 - Mighty Peking Man
Year 12 - Savage
Year 13 - Time Burst: The Final Alliance
Year 14 - Trancers 4: Jack of Swords
Year 15 - Spontaneous Combustion

11) The Mighty Peking Man -- Remember that part of the definition of "Oblivious" where Matt or Bryan says "the giant ape sneaks up on the trained commando team?" Yeah.... The hero is actively hunting for the ape, yet he is unable to see or hear it coming up behind him. I would make a political joke here, but the clip has made me too sad.

12) Savage -- These two guys in suits are looking for The Savage, and he sneaks up on them and takes them out. Of course, "sneaks up on them" is kind of relative. Really, what happens, as best as I can figure, is that they must be standing on top of him (literally, not figuratively) -- and he attacks them from that position of ... um ... strength.

13) Time Burst: The Final Alliance -- Our immortal hero and his very-mortal girlfriend are sneaking out of a warehouse. The bad guys are standing in the warehouse and talking about them. They sneak out in full peripheral view of the bad guys, who somehow (out of politeness, maybe?) don't notice them until they're almost out the door.

14) Trancers 4: Jack of Swords -- Jack Deth needs to sneak a ride into a city. But the guy who owns the hay cart won't give him a ride. So Jack just jumps onto the cart from the other side, and hides in the hay kinda rides along on top of the hay. What the hay hell.

15) Spontaneous Combusion -- The radio tech has caught fire, via a complex process known as ... anyway ... and the radio host is apparently not looking through the large glass window which separates the studio from the control room. Now he's pulling on his coat (crackle crackle crackle), now he's walking to the door (on which the glow from the fire is clearly visible), now he's turning off the light (although the room doesn't go full dark because of the whole fire glowy thing), and now he's left the room.

If you missed any of these -- well -- it's appropriate for the category, isn't it?

I certainly have no idea which one I'm voting for. And under no circumstances are you to eat the Squishy Ninjas.


That is an excellent question, and cannot be satisfactorily answered until Room Scheduling says "Yes, you are reserved" instead of "We'll get back to you."

That said, we asked for Saturday, December 16.
So ... in fact, December 16 now is official. And e-mails will go out ... at such time as those of us with lazy asses get off of them.