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Ninja Duck What??!?

February Trivia Hintses

Top o' the morning to you Smitheeites. I tell you, if it weren't for the Earl pointing something out about this year's show, I'd have totally forgot I had a trivia thing hanging in the wind. I blame the cold for my lack of brain...MINUS 2 DEGREES OUT? What the heck??!?

(yeah, yeah, you Minnesotans are all "Suck it up cry baby")

So I thought I'd give you one last chance at guessing the February Trivia Question(s) which were: What Smithee year had the most number of movies and What year had the least number. Extra credit for guessing the actual high and low. I'm feeling the Smithee love so I'll let you know tomorrow what the answer is, but here are a few hints which might help narrow the field:

1. This year's show - which as I write is all decided and will be beginning the editing process sometime today I am told - clocks in at 42 individual movies represented. That would be at the high end of number of Smithee movies and the same number of movies as year one. It is not, however, the most number of Smithee movies. There are two years out there with more Smithee movies.

2. The least number of Smithee movies is greater than 25 and the most number of Smithee movies is less than 50.

3. The difference between the high and the low is 15

4. There are no Chupacabras in my Cappuccino.