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Alien What

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue

Here are some answers
to questions for you.

Some years were lean,
like 12 and year 8,
but 9 took the cake
for least movie rate.

On the flip side,
year 4 as it were,
a goo-gob of films
enticed and allured.

The numbers they were
30 for least.
Rana and eye stalks
were some of the beasts.

For most at one time
we see 45.
Hell Came to Frogtown
Buried Alive.


After winter break, we are starting a unit on poetry. You'all have to come to my class and teach it!!!! :)
Good job! :)
BWA! Only if you are teaching hack poetry. I'm awfully good at the doggerel stuff (and impromptu haiku that would make Issa cry...with shame).
Well, the only limericks I know start with "Hickory dickory dock" and end with things like "and dumped the b---- on the next block" :)

In a related note, we used the game the other day and the kids were delighted. I don't think we played it right, but they liked the dice (and I used Nemeth cubes--little cubes with the raised Braille/Nemeth numbers and symbols) for the Braille readers :)