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The Fifteenth Annual Ann Arbor Smithee Awards

When: April 22, 2006. 7pm - midnightish
Where: 1800 Chemistry Building; U of M's central campus
Why: Because bad movies are our passion!

For the past fourteen years, the Smith-ka-teers have been watching bad movies and clipping the best (worst?) parts just for you. This year, we've gone and done it again and assembled the Fifteenth Annual Smithee Awards (or Smithee XV to its close friends). Nineteen categories of badness, five clips per category and we let you, the audience, determine who wins. Ninjas, zombies, pirates, gangsters...we've got 'em and they are waiting for you to decide who takes home the "honor" of being first in their "class".


Many of these clips contain violence, nudity, and/or explicit language, often at the same time. Also, unhealthy snacks (including Drinks of Colors Not Found in Nature) WILL be served. As a special sneak preview: Guess who got their hands on the Thanksgiving Jones Sodas!