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Ninja Grass

Smithee 17 Progresses Apace

Hi peeps, just a little end of the week techy update on the up and coming Smithee 17. The show is assembled and we vetted the beta discs this past Sunday. Naturally there were a couple issues that wanted fixing but all in all, it's a pretty good show. The other awesome techy thing is that the Guru got him a new computer with which to do Smithee editing on (and other things of course) and it is super fast. He used to set up the old computer to do the Smithee disc thing overnight and in the morning wala! Discs. The new computer did the same thing while we ate dinner. Wow!

Lastly, Mr. Smithee has updated the main site with this year's movie selections for those of you who are curious. (Clicky for sneak peeking) but you are going to have to check the 2008 box at the top of the screen. I did a little poking about and noticed that not all the film data is up yet but we're working on it.

Huh...it looks like everybody but the Promotions Ninja is on the ball. I best get crackin with the give aways.


Uh, when are the '08 Smithees gonna be?
There will be a general announcement very, very soon (I'm aiming for March 1st-ish) but we've decided on April 19th.
I don't know if this is bad or good, but I knew that date and I have it in my calendar :)

The same time they are every year, Pinky... Origins Weekend. :P
Nice comeback Hiromasaki. *snort* You know, I guess we need to have some differentiation here because saying that the Smithees will be held March 28th is also true (for certain values of Smith College's ConBust true).


I just thought of a slogan for the Smithees:

"Three different dates, in three different states!"

You have my permission to get all promotionally ninjic with that. (or whatever the adjective form of 'ninja' is)

-Sean K.


No, no, they're happening March 28 at Smith College in Massachusetts. ;)

-Sean K.