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anonymous kph

"E"-lectronic poll

Is under the cut.

Poll #1142864 Which of these is the most "E"-vil?

Which "E" movie shall I watch between March 2 and 15?

Do I even still need to keep adding that typical Smithee poll caveats apply?

[EDIT: Well, since everybody but slyon and Sean K. voted for Escape from Galaxy 3 (aka Star Crash II), that will be the E-movie!]
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Escape from Galaxy 3, simply because of this user comment:
"Later Period Italian Disco Peplum Star Wars Garbage, With Nudity"
"With Nudity" is kind of the cinematic equivalent of "With Cheese"
That's it! It's like...the stuff is already bad for you, and adding cheese just makes it worse.

Oddly, this reminds me of when those nasty McLean Deluxes came out back in the early 90s. My dad and I had coupons to get one free, and I got mine with cheese. My dad was just puzzled by this...he was like, "But the cheese will make it bad for you." Indeed, Father. Indeed.


I will vote based on title alone again. My vote goes to Evil Laugh, because it's a hilariously lame title (at least, if it's trying to be scary, it's missing the mark).

-Sean K.
So noted. There is a character in its imdb entry credited as "Evil Laugher"


Indeed. And I see that that actor was also the director and one of the writers. They must not have had a budget to hire someone to laugh.

-Sean K.
It is to lau-- Oh, wait. No, it isn't.

How can I NOT vote for the sequel to STAR CRASH?!

From IMDB reviews...
OK so this movie isn't the greatest, but it's still far from uninteresting. The only real connection it has to Luigi Cozzi's superior STAR CRASH is the use of certain special effects shots.
..SUPERIOR!?... my god how bad can this be!

Let's find out!, well you brave Smithkateers find out and let us know. And if we don't hear from you again...well a least you went down fighting.