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Because You've Been Asking...

Or as I like to think of it "Unofficially Yours"; here are the dates, times and places of the three Smithee shows:

March 28th in Northampton, Massachusetts as part of Smith College's ConBust. Time and Room TBD.

April 19th in Ann Arbor, Michigan as part of the Ann Arbor Smithee Showing. 7pm, 1800 Chem building.

June 28th in Columbus, Ohio as part of the Origins Game Fair. Time: Probably 7pm. Room: TBD as always but I hope we get that hyoooj ballroom again.

Go ahead and think of these dates and places as set in stone for now - ConBust should be forthcoming with more tasty information as well as the Origins people a little bit later down the line. As for the A2 show, I just haven't drafted up the official news blurbit to the various papers and whatnot. We are, however, pretty darned set with the above information. Enjoi!

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Promotions Ninja


May I be the first to say "Yay!"
You may, but only if I can second that "Yea".
You may. Both of you.