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two margarita film

In Like a Lion

Happy March first all you Smitheeites, and seeings as it is the first of a new month, I think the time is right for some more trivia. This month's trivia question is:

Which of you local Smitheeites would like to join us down at the Corner Brewery for a Smithee Drinking Night?

Your hints are: March 8th seems like an excellent drinking night
and 8pm (happy hour I'm told) seems like a good time.

I'll give you a week to think about it but you shouldn't need that long. This one's an easy question!


but ... but ... Torchwood....
Be there with bells on! If we get drunk enough, remind me that we need to play the Roll a Role game :) :) :) I make all of my friends play it. :)

And yep, happy hour is 8pm-12pm, which means that you can drink the medium size for the price of a small, large for the price of a medium and gosh, I'm not sure what happens to the price of the small, because I've never had a small one!!!

Thanks for planning this! And I'm serious, Boo, that you have to come to our dinner party next year w/ that cake that you described in your blog. I described it to some people and I thought they were going to beat MY ass for not having it here!!!! :)
Are you saying that you will be there with bells on, or you want me to be there with bells on? Because I have to tell you now, I'm no bellerina.
Hee hee! I will be there with bells on :)
...but seriously, either lunargeography or I will be there for at least a bit
Um ... or both of us

I'm really taking a lot of comment-space by forgetting things and having to go back and add them

I hope both of you come! I will even buy your first round of drinks :) :)
I'm a cheap date. I don't drink. :)

It's the day after my last day at work, so I don't know how social I'll be feeling. But at least I'll be sure to drop by long enough to say hello....
I heard that. I have lost so many jobs that I went the opposite and would end up drinking far too much :) Your way is better!
Not I... I will be here, watching these guys.
Yay! You win!

See how easy this month's question is?
Super easy! Woo!
Since the Corner Brewery seems to let people bring in outside food, Iron Chef Smithee suggested that I bring along some Japanese Snacks to review. Which I just might. BE WARNED!!!

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Promotions Ninja and Japanese Snack Food Reviewer
Actually, they want you to order the food and have it delivered. BUT, I have been with folks who have smuggled food in. So, just keep the snacks on the DL and all should be fine :)
You seem to be suspiciously knowledgeable in the ways of the Corner Brewery.

But did you know that lunargeography and I looked seriously at buying a house which is less than a block away ... before the Brewery ever opened? Because if you did, then you scare me.
Speaking of the Corner, I just got back from happy hour there :) Yes, I am rather knowledgeable about it! Jeff and I go there about 1/week and 2/week during the summer. I'm not sure if I should be proud of that!!
Ooooh, to live near the Corner....that would be the best!! :)