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anonymous kph

Which "F"ing movie?

It seems like I'm posting these earlier and earlier. This week, I actually am. Exactly fifteen Grade-F movies to choose from (which I will watch between March 16 and March 29 (inclusive), but probably not on lunargeography's birthday). Once again, I have imdb-linked them. Do people find this useful? Or do you all just vote based on amusing movie name?

Typical Smithee poll caveats apply.

Not that it will necessarily change what I do in the future. The whole project is kind of quixotic and grimly whimsical. I'm just curious.

[Edit: Poll closed ahead, please choose an alternate route. The Female Bunch won by 1 vote beating out The Fatal Flying Guillotine and Frankenfish 3 to 2 to 2. Faust: Love of the Damned got an honorable mention with 1 vote.]
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I vote on which movie sounds the most amusing, based on title. I usually only check IMBD if the title sounds familiar, because I don't vote for any movie I've watched. Somehow it seems unfair. (So, yeah, not voting for "Faust", but you do need to see it!)
I pick a couple based on the title and IMDB them, if the links are available.

I do love that the IMDB for previous Smithee nominee Future Zone describes it as "Future Force done right." Yow.

For Your Height Only looks suspiciously like a comedy, so I suspect it would be a waste of your time.

In the end, though, I went with FFG based on the title, even though IMDB didn't make it look that good either.

So, yeah, I read the IMDB entries. I just don't pay attention to them...
Well, they've done a movie, a sequel, and a prequel. What's left? Ginger Snaps IV: Yo Momma Jokes?


My vote will go to The Female Bunch.

I usually make my pick based solely on title. In this case, I narrowed it to 2 based on title, and then looked at the IMDB entry for FB. Seeing that it has Russ Tamblyn and Lon Chaney, Jr. clinched my vote. So I followed the link this time, but you don't necessarily have to go to the work of linking them in the future - I can easily enough go search on a title there myself.

-Sean K.
So noted.
Warning! I've seen For Your Height Only and it is totally lame. Once you've seen pretty women pick him up and throw him at a bad guy, you've pretty much seen the whole thing. It's so not worth your time.
...and the sequel? Have you seen Nothing is Impossible?

Once you've seen pretty women ... throw him at a bad guy, you've ... seen the whole thing.

I think that 90 minutes of that would still be fairly funny.
Well, I was once quoted as saying I would pay full movie price to see Harrison Ford sit in an armchair for 90 minutes, so I guess whatever floats your boat.

I have not seen the sequel, but I imagine a better title would have been "You Only Bomb Twice".
yeah, I gotta go with the Female Bunch too. Can we make a song that goes with it??? It's the story of a girl named Sandy...:)
Since it's your birthday and all, I might try to do my review of this movie to the tune of the "The Brady Bunch" theme song. But no promises.
Awesome! I can help at the next Smithee beer night, if the inspiration still hasn't struck. In college, I wrote a sorority song to the theme of the Flintstones in five minutes :)
No no, this is one thing I'm usually pretty good at. Unless the movie is hopeless. Although I'm sure that inspiration flows that much more quickly with beer. :)
Ummmm...OK. I got a cryptic note from the Earl which I *think* is instructing me to kindly close down the poll as he is out of town. So consider this the official poll ending post and The Female Bunch the official movie watching winner. Or something. ONWARD!
Your guess was good, but also wrong. I was trying to remind you to vote in it before I closed it, but if I was too tired to even get that across correctly, then I was way too tired to have closed the darn thing myself.

Did I not vote? I thought for sure I was one of the Frankenfish votes. Maybe I just really, really thought hard about it and convinced myself that I did indeed vote.

No worries about your tired crypticness. It was well before coffee o'clock for me so no doubt my interpretation was bound to be a bit off.

Speaking of which, is there an official way to close a poll or do you just usually say "That's it! I can't take any more!"? I was just wondering because I could not find a "stoppit" button in any of the poll options.

Edited at 2008-03-17 12:18 pm (UTC)
booniverse didn't vote. If you see the radio buttons, then you haven't voted. If you see the results, then you have.

Also, you can click on "View Answers" to see who voted for what. LunarG's vote was nearly for The Fatal Flying Guillotine (which would have finally given me a tie to break), but she changed it up at the last minute.

I don't think there's an official way to really close a poll. I just do ... exactly what you did. If there was a timer, I would do that. Then I wouldn't have to try and remember to get online Saturday at midnight(ish) EST. Or Sunday morning. Or whenever I remember to do it.

Smithee movies being all about accuracy, precision, and exactness....