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ConBust News!

Hidey-ho Smitheeites! The schedule of events is up over at ConBust, huzzah! For those of you planning on dropping by, the Smithees will be held on Friday, March 28th at 7:00pm in Room 106.

But! That's not all 'cuz we're going to be doing some other events too.

Friday at 6:00 (right before the show - same bat room even. Thankfully) check out The Smithee peeps talking about "When Fandom Goes Wrong". Are they trying to subtly say something with the placement of that? I bet we're the only discussion with Snacks Table Jr.

Saturday the 29th at 10:00 (am...ouch) in Room 211 we'll be talking about "Making Movies the Smithee Way". The Guru and the Earl are putting together a presentation with tasty, tasty clips and examples of 'how not to' for aspiring movie makers. Or people who just want to know this sort of stuff.

Saturday the 29th at 3pm in Room 206 come talk with the Smithee crew about "I Stayed Up to Watch the End of This?". Got a bad movie to talk about? We want to hear about it!

Sunday the 30th at 9am (arrrgh!) in room 211 we'll be talkin' "R' We There Yet?". When is nudity/swearing/violence appropriate and when is it too much?

Sunday the 30th at 2:00pm in the same room (whooo) I'll be giving away all my "Promotions Fu" secrets and candy! FREE CANDY!

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Promotions Ninja


Is any of that going to happen at the AA show? I'd love to see the Making Movies the Smithee Way and of course I want to know the Promotions Fu secrets :)
Sadly, these are "seminars" (panels, discussions, whatever) in addition to the Smithees at Smith as part of ConBust. Last year we weren't really hip to what was going on but we sat in on a couple panels and thought we could handle a few this year. They gave us everything we suggested and also made us sole panel members for something we thought we could maybe throw a few words in about (the fandom gone wrong is one of their original ideas).

A2 is just one magical (!) night of Smitheeage and then it's gone. Like the Brigadoon of Bad...
Any chance that one or two of these may make their way into Origins? I really could use the Promotions Fu seminar... I've been the booking agent for my band for 3 years now, and we are attracting <10 people per show now, as opposed to 45 per when I started... (Granted, a lot of that is because the "local" venues went from a drinking minimum to a $6 door charge...)
Not this year, I'm afraid. I'm also surprised they liked that suggestion because what does Promotions-Fu have to do with gaming really?

We are going to be doing a little something extra Smithee this year though, now that you ask about it. Oddly, we've been doing it for a couple years already but this year it's official.
Wow, one year and you've taken over the entire convention. Maybe they should just rename it SmitheeCon.
LOLZ. Well it's a small con and we're 1/17th of the guests (or 4/20th...depending if we count ourselves individually or not) so I guess we should be doing about 6% of the stuff.

I have no idea if we are or not, but it sounded good in theory.


According to the schedule on the Conbust site, your pre-Smithee panel is at 6:00. Also, I notice that Ms. Ballot Bimbo is scheduled to be on a panel later in the evening Friday. Perhaps they didn't realize she'd be over in the Smithee room?

-Sean K.
Yeah, I was looking at the Excel sheet which is harder to read or at least was. We also saw that poor lunargeography is either going to have to clone herself or spontaneously mitose in order to be in both places. On the other hand of the four of us going, I do believe she is the nicest of us so if someone's gotta be cloned she is the right pick.

Edited at 2008-03-13 12:33 pm (UTC)