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Getting on a plane, I told the ticket lady...

"Send one of my bags to New York, send one to Los Angeles, and send one to Miami." She said, "We can't do that!" I told her, "You did it last week!"
- Henny Youngman

It's true, in one week we will be flying out to Northampton via Hartford through Dulles for the second annual Smithees at Smith. It hopefully will not be true that our bags wind up in Heathrow because we were smart (S-M-R-T!) and sent our stuff on ahead via the post so we didn't have to check anything. All we have is our carry-ons and if they wind up in Heathrow well...I've never been to the United Kingdom. I've also never been to Dulles but I expect England would be much cooler. I have been to ConBust before and I want to encourage all you Massachusetts Smitheeites to grab a ConBust ticket ($8/$10/$8 or $25 for the entire weekend) and come on over. The fun begins at 6pm on March 28th and by 7 we should be kickin' it Smithee Style with the first showing of Smithee XVII: Almost Legal. After that, the con really starts to wrock with all sorts of cool guests and wikid panels throughout the weekend. Come join us and the ConBust peeps for what should be an awesome time.



If you are lucky, while you move between gates in Dulles you will get to ride in the Giant Shuttle Machines with Tires Bigger than a (Big) Man!

Or maybe I should call them: Bus Tank Shuttle Cab! (everybody loves Bus Tank Shuttle Cab)

Seriously, the vehicles I describe are like something out of a sci-fi movie - you have to see them to understand.

I will see you all at the con, with Box o' Smitheeness, and whatever snackage I procure (I'll start shopping this weekend).

-Sean K.
Given that you're making a domestic connection (without switching airlines?), chances are pretty good that you won't get to ride in the Bus Tank Shuttle Cabs. You will, however, get to see them. And Sean didn't even mention that bodies are on stilts and raise and lower as they approach their destinations. Watching them will be a perfect start to a Smithee weekend. Not only do they look like something that escaped from a Smithee movie, they are the worst conceivable way of moving people the short distance between terminals.

Also, although you may never have been to Dulles, both Die Hard 2 and this year's Smithee nominee Mach 2 have large chunks of the movie that are set at Dulles. So, if you've never been to Dulles, but have seen either of those movies, you have absolutely no idea whatsoever what it looks like.