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anonymous kph

"G" movies are less authoritarian than "G" men

It's that time again. Ish.

Poll #1158454 G? No, GTE-- Yeah, I mean "G"

Which "G" movie (note: none rated "G") shall I subject myself to?

the Galaxy Invader
Gamera Strikes Back
Ghidrah the Three-Headed Monster
Ghost Riders
Ghost Rig
the Gun and the Pulpit

Insert boilerplate text here HERE HERE!

[EDIT: Poll is Closed! With 8 of 10 votes for The Gun and the Pulpit, soon I will be Marjoe Gortner'd and Slim Pickens'd. Thanks?]

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What the heck - put me down for The Gun and the Pulpit. Now I have to look it up and see if one character utilizes both...

-Sean K.
Well ... if it was, my guess would be that it was Marjoe.
I second Sean Whose Name is Nate. That sounds killer.
My second choice would be "Gothic" just because I was very Goth in my junior high/high school days (well, it wasn't called Goth back then...there really wasn't a name for it, but I did write a lot of bad poetry about nuclear war!)
I must admit, I was tempted to vote for Ghost Rig (Jamie Bamber!). And then I was tempted not to vote for it and try to find it and watch it before you could. But then I decided that the others were right and how could I not vote for the first ever Smithee movie with "Pulpit" in the title?
If I don't watch it prior to Origins, (and if I remember, which is the big if), I will pass it off to you for watching. I think I have the sequel, too ... but I don't believe the sequel has Jamie Bamber.
Gun and the Pulpit. 'Cause Marjoe! It's been too long since we had a Marjoe moment.


The Gun and the Pulpit. Yes. Of course. There is really no choice.

--sm, voting as you suggested, during the Smithees at Smith.