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Alien What

Life Imitating Smithees

There should be some sort of mandatory Smithee Awards viewing for all inspiring inventors because this...

just looks like technology waiting to go terribly, horribly wrong. It's already proven that it can walk on ice better than I can and can recover from being kicked in the midsection better than I can. The minute they give that thing arms, I'm buying a house out on an island somewhere because I don't think it can swim. Yet.


Or.. this could be the next logical step in combining this technology with the advanced animatronics of Japan to create Dr. Goldfoot's robot girls.

Hey, that technology can be used for good to!
Not when it sounds like a 50 pound mosquito it can't. Also, I'd prefer it had a head or something and didn't walk so weirdly unrobotlike. I'm not ready for replicants!
I think it would be less creepy if it had a head of some kind. Right now it looks like some horrible decapitated insect-dog-horse hybrid.
Well, at least you'll be able to hear it coming, in all its headless glory.


Worst monster
Worst Special Effect

Looking at the legs, makes me think deer based.
er ... I don't think "twee!" is the right tag for it

and I have this mental image of hundreds of these things plowing their way through a forest in the snow

heck, if the Empire had this technology, The Empire Strikes Back would have only been ten minutes long....
"er ... I don't think "twee!" is the right tag for it"

True dat, but we didn't have a tag for "Creepy F***in' bug lookin big a** robot thing" so I went with twee. Oh wait a minute...
HokeyDoke! I have de-twee!d the giant creepy robot bug and created a more appropriate tag. Because I can do that! WHEE!

Good tag. Now we have a snake-in-suitcase-dude tag, too.