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cake comes to frogtown 3

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Bimbo-mas

Hooo! Guess what today is? Well I'll tell you, today is our own lunargeography's birthday! YAY! So if you see her wish her a happy day.



...if I give Frogtown the cake, can I back away slowly and escape from it? 'Cause I've seen Frogtown. I've heard Frogtown. And it ain't pretty.
But...but...Cycle Toad!

Not your kind of frog eh?
...well, if he was my kind of frog, would I have to sing?

And would I have to sing that badly?
Happy birthday!!!!!!


Happy happy, joy joy! Happy happy, joy joy!

-Sean K.
If only I could be as cool as Log.

Is this frog better? :)

Happy birthday!
Frog = Scary.

Banjo = Scary.

Yet Frog + Banjo = Awesome. ^__^
Have you heard the one about the wide mouthed frog?