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ConBust 08: The Smithees @ Smith

Hey all you Smitheeites, we're back home after an AWESOME time at ConBust. I didn't have the laptop this time out so you didn't get a blow by blow (almost) live action report of the goings on but I did take lots of pictures. My notes are pretty sketchy but lemmie see if I can reconstruct them anyhow. I'll post Friday's Fun today, Saturday's Fun tomorrow and Sunday's Fun on Wednesday but all the pics are up as I write. If you are a clever little Smitheeite you can peek at the gallery and have a look-see into the FUTURE!

We started our Friday off a little later than we would have had we been actually working but still earlier than I like given that we were running a show that evening. Our flight left Metro around 10 and a double handful of time change and we zoomed the zoom of flying zoom to O'Hare. Orbitz decided to change up our flight last minute like and routed us through Chicago on the leg out and Dulles on the leg back. Ergo, we never got to meet up with slyon for eats of meats. We did get to kick around O'Hare for a spell and admired the stuff there that they had to admire.

ONWARD! Did you know that airplanes can pivot in place? Truly! They can spin on one back tire if they want to, effectively chopping their turning radius to zero. I never knew that about airplanes but ours did just that coming out of O'Hare. Wild.

We got in relatively earlyish (4:15 from a scheduled 4:30) and beebopped randomly along the walkway until we met up with Liz of the one Z and Cameron (of the no Zs) who were holding a sign saying "ConBust: Patricia Briggs/Smithee Awards". CoooOOOooool! We felt all important like (even if Patty Briggs's name came first). Patty's plane was scheduled to land at the same original time as our plane so we hung around waiting. And waiting. And waiting. At 4:45 her plane was still listed as "On Time" and at 4:55 we spotted us a Patty. Her plane was still "On Time'. I'm not sure if it ever really "Arrived" actually.

Airports are strange.

We figured that our first panel was a bust (heh) because we didn't get rolling until a little after 5. Hartford is an hour away from Northampton and we weren't going to make the 6:00 panel time but! Barring weirdness, we would have a good half hour of set up time for the Show. There was no weirdness and the Con Schedule had undergone a final revamp in which our 5:00 Friday panel was moved to Saturday at 1:00. Huzzah!

Snacks Table Jr. About 75% of the foodz here was acquired by Sean Whose Name is Nate, our local Northampton friend. He may have overbought a bit but he did Iron Chef Smithee proud. He even got Doritos...evil unexpected flavored Doritos. Huzzah SWNiN!

The Smithees at Smith audience and half of lunargeography doing her Ballot Bimbo thing.

More Smith audience. Do you know what's really confusing? Clarifying "Smithees". Apparently, the women who attend Smith College are called "Smithies" while we call ourself "Smithees". You really can't hear the difference between "ie" and "ee" when you are talking so there was some confusion when we were talking Smithees to Smithies. If you take a good look at this pic, you might notice one of the Smithies video recording a Smithee. She was doing a class project on "live presentations" and asked if she could film the proceedings. We told her she couldn't tape the show bits because we don't let people do that (copy right issues) but she was more interested in the human element than the show element. Check it out: The Smithees going academic for the Smithies.

I don't think I've ever been a class project before.

The fella with the hat is a Smithee vet and he brought his friend with him this year. I think we traumatized her a wee bit.

Here we are randomly gabbering during the break. Nothing is in focus but the Cheez-its and I have no idea why. Unhealthy Snacks have a track record for that at Ann Arbor and it appears as if Snack Table Jr. is taking after the original.

The show went well and I think the top vote was somewhere around the very high 30s, possibly even breaking 40. A quick unique head count told us that over 40 individual people attended the show but as usual people came and people went. I'd say we got a little more people this year than last year and it seemed to me that our overall average was at least 5 higher than last year. I was pleased by the attendance and the audience was pleased by the show. And we all learned that you don't piss off a razor blade wielding monkey.

Words to live by.

We cleaned up, headed out and collapsed for the night. Friday: The End.

-Your tired but still somewhat friendly neighborhood promotions ninja


We also learned that Patty Briggs is a fun person with which to be crammed into a van! Errr, that sounded a little wrong, didn't it? We knew from last year that Jennie Breden is also excellent van company.

And we managed to traumatize a whole new bestselling author this year, when Annette Curtis Klause dropped in for a few categories. ^__^