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The Wonderful Thing about ConBust

Is that ConBust is a wonderful thing!

Having been to one ConBust already (heh! We're vets! *chucklesnort*) we had more of an idea of what the con was all about so this year we volunteered to do some panels and discussions. We thought up four Smithee related panels: Making Movies the Smithee Way, I Stayed Up to Watch the End of This??!?, "R" We There Yet, and Promotions-Fu. We also volunteered to help out with a couple others that the ConBust peeps thought up and wound up soloing When Fandom Goes Wrong. I'm not sure what they are trying to say about us but we decided that we could give that a go.

But first, brunch! Brunch arrived way too early in the morning but we managed to straggle in for coffee and goodies (Panera, wrock!) and to chat with the other guests. The lady in copper and gold is Patty Briggs (who is awesome) and she is talking to Jennie Breeden of The Devil's Panties (who is the short dark curly haired lady sitting away from the camera). Jennie Breedon wrocks too, in case you wondered. You can also see Phoebe Wray in the very back with the orange hair and blue shirt. We just met her this year and she's pretty cool as a person but I can't tell you if she is also a wikid writer or not because I haven't read her stuff. Yet.

You can also see Jennie Breedon's incredibly cute brother in the trench coat looking like Captain Jack from Dr. Who. Heh! Jennie has some funny stories about growing up with a hot brother which are a hoot to hear. The Guru is also in the pic looking rather jet-lagged or pensive. I think he's getting his thoughts together for our first presentation.

"Making Movies the Smithee Way" or How not to make a movie. The Guru had put together a presentation complete with clips for some of the basic pitfalls of movie making. Here he is exemplifying Ludicrous Premise with a Clip from Leprechaun 4: Leprechaun in Space. We had a good handful of people attend and they seemed to like it.

Any Questions? Good! It's time for lunch then.

The student commons had a bunch of banners up for student things and there was the ConBust banner hanging out among them. We are amused that it says "The Smithee Awards and More!"

After lunch we hosted the rescheduled panel "When Fandom Goes Wrong" and had a rollicking time talking mostly about fanfic and Harry Potter with a bit of Star Wars and Anime thrown in. lunargeography was more in her element here because half the talk was Anime and half was fanfic and she is more in tune with both than the rest of us I think. LG is our official ambassador to the Amine fan it seems and she does her job well.

Our next panel was "I Stayed Up to Watch the End of This?!?" which was a general discussion of B film. You would not believe the people who popped out of the woodwork for this. Apparently, Smith College has a lot of B movie fans. The Earl called the discussion "research" and was furiously writing notes on a pad of paper. Be afraid, Smitheeites, be very afraid.

Sometime later, we met up with Lynn Flewelling who invited us to go to dinner with a couple other guests and such. SQUEEE! It's like when you get to sit at the grown-up table for Thanksgiving! We tried to not go all fangirl/boy and I think we did a pretty good job. We got to talk with Annette Curtis Klause who is also wikid cool in person and whose stuff I now have to go read. I feel like I'm name dropping a lot here but ConBust is that kind of small con where you can indeed talk to these people up close and personal like. Countless times I saw one or two of the authors talking in a small group in the halls here or there and that's just what happens. It's awesome!

Then it was time to pack it in and walk back to the hotel. We were scheduled to run a panel at 9:00am the next morning during the Sunday brunch. Urrrgh...who is up for talking about boobies at 9am? That's just not right...it's supposed to go coffee THEN boobies. Alas.

-Your Coffee Lacking but Still Friendly Neighborhood Promotions Ninja