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Garbage In Smithees Out

April Trivia Question!

Oh look! April. Must be time for a trivia question then and I happen to have run into one at 4:10 yesterday too. It's a doozer but I will pose it to y'all:

Where will the Ann Arbor Smithee Awards be Held This Year?

You know, at 4:09 yesterday I would have said "1800 Chem building like they always are. Duhhh!" Then we got a message from room scheduling apologetically letting us know that the U is closing the Chem building that weekend. And evacuating it. I had no idea that the Smithees had gotten that noxious over the years. Wow. I wonder if they will be fumigating too.

Room Scheduling has been really good about this and suggested an alternate location for the show. We just need to do the official fiddly bits to secure everything but the new plan is to hold The Smithees in Exile at MLB3. Same bat time, completely different bat place (Modern Languages Building 812 East Washington).

As always, stay tuned for more information as events unfold.

-Your somewhat surprised but completely unpanicked (not at all. We're good. Everything's fine here. How are you?) friendly neighborhood promotions ninja.


Think of it not as an exile, but as a return -- the Smithees were in the MLB before they were ever in the Chem building. Maybe we can go through the whole regression thing and next year have them in IRIS.
Really?!? I don't think I was aware of that history. Wrock...The Smithees, getting back to its roots. At least it'll be easier to ballot collect in MLB 3.
BWA! We've learned in one 24 hour period that the Chem building is closing, the Dalai Lama will be in town the same day and that Passover also begins on Smithee weekend. The odds are stacking up but we're still gonna grind through and who knows...maybe H.H. will wander in to the Smithees. I looked at his schedule and his last event ends at 4pm...plenty of time to meet and greet, catch a bite to eat and arrive on time to the Smithees.

On the Passover note, I think Iron Chef Smithee is going to see if he can find some kosher acceptable snacks (Passover kosher even which, if Godzilla has done me right, is even more strict with the requirements). I expect we will have some odd middle of the show numbers because of this...