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Cycle Toad & Max Hell

How Do You Get From Here To There, What Do You Do?

Glad you asked! The camera and I took a little walk this afternoon for your visual edification.

As the map says, from the Chem Building:

The south side for those of you who come in that way...

The north side for the rest of you folk,

Walk down the road (North University) in an westerly fashion.

Keep moseying past the League (the building on the right side of the picture) towards Hill Auditorium (the building on the left side of the picture) and the Burton Tower (the sticky-up pointy tall building).

When you hit the mall like area, cross the street and head tower-wards. Ish.

Behind the tower is a 4 story "squat" fortressy looking building. Congratulations, you have reached the Modern Languages Building. Huzzah! Auditorium 3 is in the back (opposite the tower).

Piece of cake. Tasty delicious moist cake. Mmmmmm.
-Your Friendly Neighborhood Shutter Bug Ninja