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T-minus Five Days and Counting...

Happy tax week to you Smitheeites and what better way to celebrate getting the pinch by Uncle Sam than to relax at the 17th annual Smithee Awards? We've got free movies, free food and drink and of course free giveaways so I'd say we're much cooler than Uncle Sam. Unless you are getting a big fat refund, in which case we're definitely not as cool but remain still more prompt. Truly, we filed our taxes last weekend and have heard naught from the refund department.

To Recap:
17th Annual Smithee Awards
Modern Languages Building Auditorium 3
(note: Different building than you are used to showing up at, unless the last Smithees you attended was Smithee 7 or so)
812 East Washington
7pm to post 11pm


Yay! We can't wait. This is our first sign of spring! And Jeff and I are staying late to help clean up. I might even bring my "Pepsi for Passover"--Pepsi made with real sugar, like it should be.
OoooOOOooo! Iron Chef Smithee has been mentioning passover pop and I've been wanting to try some. We have been shopping in mind for Passover and have some appropriately kosher snacks. Mmmm.
Hey thanks! That's really nice. I am only part-Jewish (which is weird...I should just go whole hog. I'm closer to 40 than 30 any more and need to get this worked out) so I only do things partway sometimes :)
I can tote along some of the pop...I got it at Hillers and had a little treat today to settle my stomach. Yum-mee! I heard the Coke is good as well, so I will pick some up.
Otherwise, it's lotsa Matzo stuff for me...yay....
Warning, however -- Nemesis 4 is definitely not kosher.
...not to mention the entire Worst Acting category. Full of ham and cheese.