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smithee food

Some Thursday Remindery

Blah blah Saturday April 19th
17th Annual Smithee Awards
Modern Languages Building Auditorium 3
812 East Washington
7pm to post 11pm

Whew! Got that out of the way. Now onto some other blurbit bits. I mentioned in smithee_talk that we discovered that Passover begins on Smithee night. Oi! Iron Chef Smithee sat down and had a bit of a thinks on this and then went shopping for Kosher for Passover snacks. They won't be as unhealthy as the usual Smithee snacks but they will be appropriately edible for you Smitheeites keeping kosher. Huzzah! (and the orange peel thingies look downright tasty!)

Yesterday lunargeography and I finished off the give away Norberts and they are officially cute. Remember to write your name on the ballots at the appropriate time so we can have your signature draw your name for awesome mid show and end show give aways. I'll be pressing buttons tonight and will bring a fist full of extras to the show. Let's try an experiment: If you want a button, come up to me or the lovely ballot bimbo and use the code phrase: "Your Awesomeness, may I please have a button?" That'll keep me amused and you will get a button! Win-win!

Lastly, this year we are trying something new! and Exciting! Which would have been much better implemented last year because of the room switch but oh well. We'll be putting together an Ann Arbor Smithee e-mailing list (whoo!). There will be a sign up sheet at the show for those of you who would like to be on such a thing. We plan on using it to announce the time/date/place of the A2 Smithees in the beginning of the year (ish), a remindery e-mail in April and probably a UCon e-mail announcement as well. Things like last minute room changes are also an excellent thing to mail out to people but other than that, we'll most likely keep e-mail mum. For your weekly Smithee spam, you will still have to come to the LJ I'm afraid.

See you locals this Saturday!
-Your Friendly Neighborhood Promotions Ninja



That's really nice about the Kosher stuff. This will inspire me to actually be good during Passover week!! My dead Jewish relatives are all smiling right now :)
Don't forget about Smithee beer nights!! The jug is under the sink and just waiting to be refilled....
Smithee Beer nites are on odd months. :)
Oh, right. I just meant that you could email that info to people on the email list, too!
The email list is a shiny & neat idea!

Hee, that never gets old. At least not for me.
If you would like, I may attempt to make the bacon bars without peanut butter. It can't be any worse than substituting Bac-Os for the bacon....