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Zero Hour

Three hours until showtime so this is, indeed, your last bit of spam before the A2 show. I'm sure everyone knows by now

smithee 17: Almost Legal
7:00 - 11:30ish

Iron Chef Smithee called about two hours ago to see if we needed any last minute things and stuff and also? If we could pull the soda from the chest freezer that would be swell. Soda? Freezer? CRAP! I knew there was something missing from my check list of Smithee prep. So six two liters have been hanging out on our porch since 2ish hoping to melt before they are drunk. At least they'll be cold yeah?

Hope to see the lot of you local Smitheeites (and the few non locals who have driven up!) in about T-minus 142 minutes.



Can hardly wait! I've even managed to recruit a couple people to attend.
I got the Passover Pepsi (I did have a glass already :)) and Passover Coke and we will pick up ice on the way.
See ya then!