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I yi yi!

It will probably be a bit before you hear anything coherent about the A2show. It will also probably be a bit before I can finish my write-up of Hard Rock Zombies. So, to tide you over ... here's the "I" poll!

Upon which film should I feast my "I"s?

Y'all should know the drill. Speaking of which, how can you resist a film called The Dentist 2: Brace Yourself? I mean, unless you have a dentist thing....

[EDIT: Battle letter "I" is o-vah! Final tally? Traci Lords (Ice) - 0. Crazy gamers (Interface) - 0. Killer giant prehistoric trilobites (Ice Crawlers) - 1. Deep sea prehistoric cave world exploration (The Incredible Petrified World) - 2. Sara from LA Story (Victoria Tennant) in a ripoff of Alien with a twist (Inseminoid) - 5.]
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Squee! I was the first one to vote!
It was wonderful to see everyone (and FINALLY meet my girl, Lunargeography!!!) last night! Next year, I'm driving by myself so that when Mr. PattiMST3k craps out on me, I can still stick around :) (I heard something about Pizza House....)
The preview clip that I saw on youtube makes it look more like an intended comedy. Although that could just be the way the preview is cut. I will wait until it's out on DVD, then goad a former co-worker into Netflixing it and telling me if it's a comedy or not....


I'll have to vote for The Incredible Petrified World, mainly because the title makes me think of a planet made of rock, and how, um, strange that would be... yeah.

-Sean K.
So noted.