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anonymous kph

H is for Hard Rock Zombies

I'm not exactly sure what I expected from a movie called Hard Rock Zombies, but I got everything that I might have reasonably expected ... and more. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Or perhaps just a Smithee thing? Distinctly that last one, at least.

The plot is relatively straightforward. A "hard rock" (think Night Ranger) band is passing through town on a tour of bars and civic auditoriums. They are killed by their hosts, but rise again as zombies.

The Devil (as always) is in the details. The band's hosts? Hitler and Eva Braun (in disguise, of course) and their children and grandchildren. After these fiends are killed by the Hard Rock Zombies, they rise from the dead too! So, how to kill the living dead? I will give you a hint ... it has to do with something that Hitler had built (and shows to the band's manager after the band is killed but before they rise from their graves).

Like so many Smithee films, this one walks the fine line between clever and stupid. But it does so with Hard! Rock! The amusing bits are not quite amusing enough to make up for how dull the dull bits are. Which in a way makes it the perfect Smithee film ... better when excerpted than in its entirety.

I watched this a week ago Sunday (April 13, the first day of the two-week period), but it's taken me this long to come up with something coherent to say.


...there is at least one mind-scarring scene. I suspect BadMovie didn't describe it because he wants to spring it on people without warning... It's not so much a gouge-your-eyes-out visual as it is a conceptual thing, though.